Affecting a prisoner during anxiety: threw a trash at an agent – 12/14/2018


The change of lawyer's solicitor was going on. Although two police officers tried to control their client, she did not shout or shout; run away. He had just kept his head, as a removal of his retirement. It was after the defendant had brought the dispensation to the procurator at the hearing in which he had been discharged.

The procurator Guillermo Loyola, who was sitting a few meters from the caretaker, Edelvino Horacio Ramallo, who was an attacker, was declared as a campaigner for an attempt to killed and six other actions taken from the Corona prison, where he will meet Two convictions ending in 2032.

Before the attack, the procurator had considered Ramallo "dangerous" risk and advised him to limit his trips. There was a lot of listening that was there; lasting two hours and in which the judge had already taken into account the misconduct of the prisoner, known as "Yiyo."

After Loyola reviewed all the truth given to Ramallo, and as long as the resignation was suspended, the caretaker was sitting down, he tried under the desk and threw it to the procurator, who had a great influence on the head

In the icons recorded by the camera camera, the legal officer may sit down, change his knees and attach his hand beside his / her; a tree on which he got the beat. At the same time, the arrest was reduced by two policemen that removed him from the place. "I want to kill you"listen to it before leaving it.

After the brutal scene, the judge sent out the ban, which was later launched by the local agent Diego Vigo, who took place on Loyola. The officer held the request for suspension prevention and They also ask to restrict the visitor system.

Hilda América Knaeblein, a claimant for Ramallo, said the defendant's response was linked to her mother's account with the procurator. "I'm not corrected in any way, but the procurator fired at the end. Ramallo family did not have to talk about anything to do with the truth, "he said after hearing, according to his newspaper The Litoral.

Then, the lawyer said that his client regretted. "He asked me to apologize with the present, who did really badly, but who he got tidy when the procurator spoke about mom"he said.

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