AFIP confirmed that a financial income tax will be paid in June – 02/01/2019


An AFIP today reveals the objectives that follow the steps to pay Financial revenue money. There it is established that the date for the last password to be sent to & # 39; fiscal group and in March In June you will have to pay

The tax was established in 2017, when the tax reform was made. This tax reaches the profits derived from the interest on established terms, public bonds (bonds, Leaps, Letes), foreign shares, Coherent Funds, Unified Duties and even secretions. The saving banks, the local divisions and the exchange benefits for those who are in the world.

The tax is paid out of profit only $ 66,917.91 for 2018. That value will rise $ 104,735.77 for 2019 and will be updated with its Consumer Price Register (CPI) every October. Those who are higher than this amount will pay 5% on investments in pesos and a 15% if they are in dollars or indexes with UVA (Purchase Value Unit) or CER (Reference Stabilization Agreement).

This controversy tax was raised due to the fact that there was an annual inflation of 48% a large part of the product was locked. However, once the limits of $ 66,917.19 have exceeded, the fee must be paid in a designated form, whatever it is what income was in real comparison. Only na Costs related to the acquisition of the deposit, similar to bank commissions, for example.

Yesterday, while he was & # 39; The results of the tax collection results of 2018, the proprietor of the AFIP, Leandro Cuccioli, know that they will today distribute the matching arrangements.

To comply with the AFIP, the taxpayers to get this tax will need to be prepared additional redundancy which they usually appear to pay for profits and personal assets. Those people who are not included in the last two taxes must only be included in the financial income of the confirmation for this tax. The process can be done digitally.

These objectives establish that banks and other financial agencies, such as cleaning and settlement agents registered with National Guarantee Commission, is responsible for work out what's in a profit your clients have accessed and communicated this information to them and the AFIP.

The financial units must provide personal information to their clients, the CUIT, the type of operation they have done and their interest and clarify if the case has a change clause and if it is done in I am not dollar. The date for submitting this information to AFIP will be & # 39; come to an end on March 15. And they have to send them to their previous clients May 15 to give them time to formally submit their written written explanations in June and pays his tax.

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