AFM: A description of 3-star polio-like-like polio illness in Alabama


Three cases of intense flaccid maternity – the paralytic-capable polysical mystery – is reported in Alabama, according to U.S. Centers. for Disease Control and Change.

There are now 116 positive cases of AFM in 31 states with 170 other issues under review. The number of confirmed cases has increased by 10 per week, CDC numbers have been displayed. The largest number of cases, 15, was registered in Colorado, with Texas with 14 and eight in Washington, Ohio and Minnesota.

Most of the issues are </ a>; including children younger than age 4. Symptoms that occur from fever and cough are usually about a week before the weakness begins marked in their arms and legs and paralysis.

CDC began to monitor AFM after breaking up in the disease in 2014. Expert researchers have no reason to case, although he noted that AFM was going on between August and October.

"At the same time of the year, many viruses are often circulated, including enteroviruses, and will be temporarily linked to AFM," said the CDC.

AFM is marked by weakening or turning to # 39; arm suddenly and loss of timber and revival. Some people also suffer from face or weakness; problems of eye shifting; leaving eyelids; no problem by swallowing or a & # 39; hearing speech. Some people also report pain or touch their arms or legs.

Parents are advised to check the condition of their child and if they are, One of the indicators is presented to seek medical care immediately.

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