Africa: measles in Madagascar, Chikungunya in the Republic; Chongo


In some of the important episodes of an aggressive disease out of Africa, the World Health Organization (WHO) updated the world when the aggregate began in Madagascar,

Image / CDC
Image / CDC

To date, officials have reported 66,000 cases since the start of the start in September. In addition, at least 922 died of fluffy inflammation among young children and adults.

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In the Congo Republic, the Kouilou and Pool areas were issued with emergency certification, with at least 1043 confirmed cases.

Chikungunya is a virus-borne virus virus that is drawn from humans to humans by feminine mosquito erosion.

According to WHO, chikungunya is marked by poorly ill fever that often combines painfulness. Other common features and symptoms include muscle pain, headache, climb, tiredness and breed. Often, the pain is very tight, but it usually ends within a few days or weeks. Most patients' patients will be able to. All in all, but in some cases, joint pain may follow several months, or even years. The causes of eye, patient and heart problems, as well as gastrointestinal complaints have been reported.

Image / CDC
Image / CDC

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