10 year prison sentence for a teacher who killed a pupil

The Lehurutshe Regional Court has convicted a 17-year-old scholar to 10 years
jail for last year's murder.

Winnie Malane High School
Gadimang Mokolobate, who was killed in cold blood, said.

"It was dangerous and
without protection when he met his unstable death. In my opinion, his death was
is designed. He did not encourage the pupil to be killed.

"It was attacked as long as it was
test exam. He did not see him coming, "said Malan


Earlier on Thursday, business
to be present when the tension reached fever range after members of the public and
orders were sent to the media to go to the courtroom.

The story came after the teenager, who can not be legally
named, detailed in order for conviction. He previously committed guilty guilty
year to kill Mokolobate.

The court refused after that
Mokolobate parents and relatives told court and police officers
no-one would leave in any situation.

died in secret. Why are people asked to go out? Everyone here wants to see
what happens to this boy, "he shouted Mokolobate's brother-in-law,
Thabang Rammutle.

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of a scholar who killed the teacher

Things started again later
police were cleaned up.

Mokolobate died after him
Strike strike on September 13, 2018, at Ramotshere Moiloa High School, in Dinokana
Baile, Lehurutshe, outside Zeerust.

The event happened later
Mokolobate was crying for the pupil, who refused to stand in a queue.

Then the boy ran home, caught
knife and returned to school where he put Mokolobate into.

The teacher was moved to a local place
clinic where he was tested dead when he arrived.


Mokolobate started at his post
the school in May 2018, after graduating two months earlier with a Baptist
of Science in Electronics at the Northwest University.

Duration (s: m: s)
Lerato, 29, Onicca, 25, Reaobaka, 19 and his brother, Tsofofatso, 18.

His family told him how
snow. He was planning to complete the house of seven rooms
raising his parents when he was killed.


"He loved teaching and i
His brother had always been teaching. I feel that I've lost everything in my life.
My life is empty. Gadimang did everything for us. We were expecting a lot from it
e. He was heavy on dreams.

"Gadimang was tight,
a reliable and honest person who had a timeline in everything he was planning
carry out. He was busy with his honor certificate when he was killed. Most
It's a plan to be a professor, "she said.

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Find out about his death, when a teenager appears in court

"My brother loved education
and to teach other pupils at home. I remember how high school pupils are
drag to our home to & # 39; seek tuition. He spent his special time
teaching. He was an expert in Mathematics and Physical Science.

"He spent his step with
images – the dream he wanted to achieve. Mathematics and Science
to flow the blood. His university jewelery and his institution were; there
very proud of it. "

More to continue.

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