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5 of the best hidden features in Android 9

Android 9 was distributed more than 7 months ago, and yet it was he is slow to adopt, more machines include support for the operating system.

This operating system has grown dramatically across major devices such as the P Huawei Series and Samsung's Samsung S and Note programs, although these producers have an EMUI and One UI interface across them. the main OS.

But some of the tools from makers like Nokia offer a version of the Android 9 operating system closer to Google's stock, and then get OS updates faster than competitors .

Android 9 gives a number of improvements compared to the previous generation system, from gesture devices to better life in the batt.

However, there are also hidden characteristics which are not easily seen by day-to-day users, which can have a significant impact on productivity and security.

Some of these features are neutral activities that have been carried from previous versions of Android, while others are brand new and not used Android 9.

Below are five of the best hidden features in Android 9.

Department Screen and PIP

Although this may be the least confidential on this list, many Android mobile users may not recognize that Android supports the screen applications.

This allows users to do multiple applications by running two applications simultaneously against the operating system.

This item has been implemented since its introduction in Android 8, and users can now delete the screen by capturing app images in the navigation screen. Thave to login to add a translation. T

While not all applications support shared screen capability, many popular applications are possible for use in this arrangement – including YouTube, WhatsApp, Google Chrome and Gmail.

Android 9 also includes photo support for specific applications, allowing you to continue looking or interacting with an app after being reduced.

This can be done on an per-app basis in the App Options menu for smartphone.

Entries that support your image capability include Google Maps, YouTube, and Netflix.

Add salt to Windows

A new option introduced in Android 9 is the ability to “pump” the windows to prevent email or other applications to the home screen.

This is especially useful when giving your phone to a friend or colleague to show them something and keep the rest of your data.

This feature is differently controlled by what device you are using, but on normal systems at 9 in Android, you can change it into security options.

Once enabled, users can open an application that is designed to click and click the 'square button' button to enter the Apps view.

From here they can only tap the application icon to close the window, remove the ability to remove that request.

An application can be made by holding the Back and Home button together, after which your device will be locked immediately and the application will not be charged.


Developer method

Like previous versions of Android, Android 9 also includes the developers' development menu menu that could be enabled through the screen on software software.

It should be noted that the Developer Options menu contains options that you may wish to bring with your device if you are not careful.

The Developer Settings can be enabled by navigating to the About Phone section of your Options app and finding the “Build Number” designation.

By incorporating this text promptly, a microbe comes out which says that you have removed a number of taps from being a developer.

By continuing to view a Text Size extension, the Developer Options menu can be accessed within the Settings application.

Within this menu, users are provided with everything from an overview of running processes and builders by OEM, to Night mode options, and the options for displaying tabs and point locations.

Quick app change

This feature has been available in many previous versions of Android, although many users are still unaware of its existence.

When you change two apps, you don't have to open it up at Recents and choose the other add-ons.

Instead, you can just add two cookies on the square address key to move quickly to the last application that was open on your machine.

This allows you to switch easily and easily between pairs of apps without using the app you would like to change continuously.

If you use a gesture in Android 9, you can speed up the pile button quickly to produce the same result.

Emergency execution

Android 9 includes a special “Lockdown Method” as an added security feature.

This capability is automatically disabled, but can be enabled by navigating the Screen Lock menu in your device settings.

With the Cleanup Code, it will be possible to quickly disable all biometrics proof, which requires the postcode to lock the device.

Once enabled in Android 9, the Lockdown Mode can be activated by just pressing the power button and selecting the Lockdown option.

It should be noted that this option is only available when the feature is enabled from your device's menu menu.

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