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A previous couple has a & # 39; leaving a hospital division in Australia

MELBOURNE, Australia – A former couple from Bhutan was released from an Australian hospital on Monday more than two weeks after their separation in legal surgery.

The 15-month-old girls of Nima and Dawa were attached to the lower chist directly above the pelvis and they were ae division. The division was suspended during the work of the Royal Children's Hospital of Melbourne on November 9 which lasted nearly six hours. It was a great challenge. to rebuild their abdomens.

"Thank you, everyone," said Mrs. Gum, Gumming, how she disposed her daughters from the hospital where their lives changed when they came on October 2.

The president of the hospital, Joe Crameri, told the reporters that the couples had "made a good revival" and worked independently.

"I'm thinking of the staff on the wards … they've had two girls, girls we saw over this journey, which began to be tied and linked together, but the end, "said Crameri.

The couples had become increasingly dependent on the division when they were told they were now facing each other, he said.

"Over the past few weeks, we saw them confidence, we saw them get independence, we have seen that they are getting a lot of strengths," said Crameri.

Before returning to Buttons, the girls followed them to climb in the town of Kilmore outside Melbourne run by her; a charity that they gave to Australia, the First World Trust.

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