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Airlines British Airways said to Germany, Flew To Scotland, “Pilot says he doesn't know what happened.” T

The plane eventually arrived in British Airways as its original destination.

Writer himselfA British Airways flight from London to Germany took place there, a mistake that no one understood until the plane was on the ground.

British Airways had to be very sad after his London-Dusseldorf trip made over 965 km away in Edinburgh without error.

The accident happened after an under-ground team had used an illegal airplane and went from London City Airport for the capital of Scotland, rather than a course set for the Rhine.

British Airways said the aircraft – which was located with 96 seats BAe-146 regional – was run by the German contract company WDL Aviation on behalf of BA CityFlyer. The crew and aircraft were contracted out of an agreement called the lease lease by the WDL.

“We are working with WDL Aviation, who managed this flight on behalf of British Airways, to find out why the wrong airplane plan was recorded,” said BA in reporting. T

“We've apologized to customers for this concern on their visit and communicate with them individually. ”

WDL Aviation said he had sent the passengers back to Dusseldorf after their unlicensed Scottish stop.

“We are working closely with the authorities to investigate how there might be a particularly unfortunate mix of aircraft timetables,” he said in a statement.

WDL is a Berlin-based logistics company.

Travelers were horrified, as the crew had. “The pilot said he didn't know how he had happened,” said a traveler.

He apparently followed the airplane plan given to him. Travelers thought it was a joke that the team might ask passengers to put their hands up if they wanted to visit Dusseldorf.

“What's interesting,” said another traveler “I don't think anybody on board has signed this secret visit.”

A student told the plane had failed something of a problem when she saw mountains instead of the 'normal German business landscape.' Twice waiting for permission to Dusseldorf.

“It grew very boring. The toilets were blocked, and they ran out of snacks, ”a traveler told the BBC. “It was also very flexible.”

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