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Special Co-Writer Mike Madoda
LET will go back to everything it started – Saturday evening in 1987, and # 39; My first quickest game, as a witness and follower, and & # 39; She is only a boy who is seven years old from rural Sanyati.

Rimuka in Kadoma presents the situation and the Gaels, and the traveling band of fans, town for a prize against Rio Tinto.

At the end of the 90 minutes, my heart was caught by the scenes and sounds of Bosso fans and, therefore, romans, who last a time test, have been born.

It is also the same year that Liverpool's lumps also have a & # 39; biting, watching Big League on television, after my parents went on to the boardroom.

Thirty years have passed from the Rimuka tour without watching football at the TV Room at Christina Hostel at Sir John Kennedy Primary School in Kadoma.

On the way, I have added a few additional teams – Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Borussia Dortmund and Orlando Pirates – to the clubs I continue as a server.

Five years ago, in the Alois Bunjira and Robson Sharuko company, I had the chance to go to # 39; Looking Borussia Dortmund to destroy Freiburg 6-1 at Westfalenstadion.

And, just last year, I was lucky to have been in Anfield when Mohamed Salah gave Liverpool a chance to hit five stars, knitting clothes, when Watford was bringing out five visits to a cold winter night. There are other memorable mammals on the way, Bosso's road is to capture the wonderful imagination of a wonderful nation of Istanbul, when Liverpool gave an amazing return after he had been able to go. Chipping out that AC Milan had a 3-0 break, similar to the fifth League League, on penalties.

These are the memories and the months one of them carries as a supporter and does not; die forever.

Today I am very interested in talking to the country on her; a game that I love, from ZBCtv to SuperSport and from Power FM to ZiFM Stereo, in partnership with colleague Barry Manandi.

And, together, we have debated, explored and discussed some of the most common issues in the sport, greatly to the enjoyment of some and the abolition of others. Sport, with its own nature, is particularly football, emotional and attentive.

That mind drives things that would normally be normalized to clean kitchens of love when they are caught up, or tolerant dogs to criticize when the inspection your & # 39; Fight against a lot of popular ideas.

But sail on it, because we need, sometimes with great surety that can be easily mistaken, a & # 39; Confirming that this is just a sporting idea – anything – as well as just challenging for debate and debate, from which the main profits can benefit from the exchange of ideas and ideas.

Most of the journalists have been added to this profile with their & # 39; love for sport.

There were teams that we received support, the players we loved and the heroes we organized, and which we may still be able to; do.

No one ever has to abolish their divisions at the beginning of their media animals and what we have done is; preventing the perpetrator in a public way because we were not sufficiently willing to address the dispute and the additional investigation that can be done. designing our colors to a crane. It is a neutral voice in the traditional voice of a sports journalist, separated from any connection to the teams or players that they play; cover.

Here is the word here objectivity.

So we play it safe, and let us know it. I think they are journalists at first, not to connect to the game, and still have a & # 39; Most of us, if not all, have drunk to the newsroom or studio with a passion that has resulted in our love of the beautiful game.

A big question then goes to & # 39; coming forward – can one be a pancit and a fan? Is one capable of feeling a sense of being a follower from the critical study? need a journalist?

And it is my wonderful request that "THAT" is the simple answer.

From the beginning of a trip, Barry Manandi was very open and I was very open about the teams we support and, at any time, we were vacated behind the mischievous equipment.

In fact, its supporters and a number of attractors stand up, those who believe they are Gaels; I can not, I can never say, something about Bosso or fairness of my opinion about their DeMbare campaigners. Those who see us are becoming crucial enough on all CAPS Uniteds and affecting our Platinum Platinum speech. I always argue that a person needs to be assessed according to the standard of his work and not the banner he is casting as a fan, it is the legend; in the media call "neutral" and if there is anything.

How many times did we hear arms, or strings of courage, coming from the media galleries across the country?

There is too much time to mention it and that's because it is at the heart of each individual, split into sport, lies on why we are in a position; This game – we were keeping fans first, even & # 39; and before we were interested in capturing journalism. The base we have built on and finding our living – the fan was not dead there in the day we built a pen or microphone. Even those who argue that realistic pureness can be fulfilled; All the pundits do not know about the available topic, whether it's a game or story, and that's really the same connection that will make one better delivery. The sports media industry has also evolved with speed and space over the last decade. As a result, most of these strategies are obvious – digital platforms that are & # 39; competition with social media newspapers; Broadcasting is well-led and much more.

But that's not at all – the voice of the sports media has changed and, which is growing, some sport journalists have embedded from a & # 39; writing or broadcasting in the voice of the fan to encourage debate and debate.

The need to protect sales and rankings of traditional values ​​to the more controversial or current, more current, It could help to meet the business objectives of the organization.

And, it is not necessary to say, nothing is a better dispute break than a subject. And that's the challenge facing today's journalist – how you get a right balance between information, education and entertaining.

The journalists who have always inspired me the men and women who can clear those three threads into a tapestry that gives you attention.

If he is not willing to feel, it's only intellectual value and the second time of my time is not worth.

Sport is passionate, emotional, romantic, attractive and motivating – who are we going to disturb the best features?

Consider more about the way in which we tell the story, how to stimulate debate and debate that illustrates our mornings after a school event, the way in which we are; getting involved – it does not always agree, but always open to listen to the other side of the story.

He is among the lads at Rufaro's gates asking keepers to pay for their way to watch their local heroes who may be the next journalist big find.

It could not be in Sanyati where another pundit could arise from the dusty tracks to shift our television sets or another boy in Chakari no Sakubva to run the back of this newspaper .

Whatever they are now, one is certain – they are first-class fans, their birth rate and can not get rid of anything or nostalgia.

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