Anthem 4K Fleet bringing househead with Iron Man by Ozzy

Anthem's launcher is today, the big one, the lattice, the one with Ozzy. The Ozzy is simple, and Iron Man is not quite tough, just, but he's pretty close. The search today looks good, you should be aboard for a & # 39; own game, which will be launched on 22 February, just a few days after Samsung has appeared in the Galaxy S10 and that good thing. For now, check out this!

Bioware and EA games will bring Anthem this spring. A game that is so wildly an Anthem is a game and uses NVIDIA for their graphic processing unit on the CES platform 2019. The metal is heavy, the parts are full, the search is right here and stuff.

The re-story of the song in the back is Ozzy Osborne's original Crazy Train, or one of its sources. Ozzy's main singer to & # 39; Black Sabbath band when the Iron Man song was written. Iron Man is Iron Man. The link is made! Everything was sweet to everyone, we did it!

Above just the launcher. There are other videos too. Below you can see the first part of story videos. There is only one full trout of videos when it comes down. All that is left to play is & # 39; game when released.

Over part 1, below is part 2 of 2.

Next you will see the NVIDIA display shown at CES 2019. It is very beautiful. Make yourself for Graphics all.

Finally – for now – check the official Gear and Progression Gameplay game. This was just the Player Anthem Livestream player from 13 December. This is right on the release of the water – it's pretty good that it looks very similar to its appearance when it is released.

This game has enabled the user to be replaced as a "Freelancer", a person who has a " work more than themselves, and then make a chance of armor to develop their capabilities to do so. Javelin is called on every side of arms, and we have seen four to date: Ranger, Interceptor, Colossus, and Storm.

This game will be released to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and all Microsoft Windows at one time. These platforms get the game on 22 February, 2019, all over the world.

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