Bipolar patients may be on the wrong drugs & # 39;

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A quarter of patients with bipolar disorders are suppressed on drugs that can make the symptoms worse, a new investigation has applied.

Research led by the University of Glasgow has found that many bipolar patients have a variety of medicines that are performed in accordance with clinical rules.

The study shows a decline in the & # 39; First cure recommended to people with mental health condition.

Experts have defined the conclusions as a "responsibility".

Lithium is defined for itself the first treatment that is & # 39; praised for bipolar disorder.

However, the survey has over 23,000 patients across Scotland between 2007 and 2016 and have been accessed to & # 39; decline, and is now only assigned to one in 20 people with the contract.

The drug is recommended as a & # 39; The first medicine is to a degree as it has proven efficacy in preventing episodes of mental disorders and mania.

Compared to that, almost 25% of patients were experiencing bad drugs as the only remedial remedies.

Experts say that this approach can pose the risk of misdivision causing moods and episodes of mania to be made worse.

& # 39; It's just a & # 39; express the manic statements and

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Jamie says that her antidepressants have put her "over the screen"

She is a 37-year-old graphic photographer from Dundee in James Stewart. It was confirmed that he was bipolar unfaithful at the age of 23 and had been identified for non-deprivation at different times since then.

Now on a course of two medicines, including lithium, he says that he did not rescue anything to make his behavior stable.

Jamie says: "It's just upgrading the manic reports. The only way I can describe how to break it down is that it's about my mania – I would always go back in the same place I was.

"I say, however, in the instances when I was just bad, the dysfunts had a positive impact. I was still sorry but I was raised slightly.

"But when the mania was there, it was just turned over the screen. He did nothing for balance. Being a bipolar, I always look at & # 39; media out & did not do that for me.

"Highly, I'm very comfortable with it but I'm very high when I'm feeling, this is really bad. Then you will find mixed mania, where you are feeling high and low, and It's a really uncomfortable place.

"You know you will not be able to relax for a long time and it's just an uncertain feeling. It's frightening when you know that the train does not stop at any time. 39; soon and you need to stay there. "

Daniel Mac a 'Ghobhainn, a professor of psychology at the University of Glasgow, directed the study: "These results are a cause of concern.

"They suggest that many people in Scotland with bipolar disorder could get the best medicine."

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Dr Daniel Smith, University of Glasgow, said why psychologists do not order less litium

He said: "In particular, we found that there was a gradual reduction in the order of lithium and a pattern of constantly producing a consistently high order of uninhabited poverty.

"For many patients, the risk of getting a long-term course of illness is worse than better.

"It is not clear why psychologists have less lithium ordering – it may be due to changes in clinical training or as a result of effective marketing of medicines such as antipsychotics."

What is bipolar disorder?

  • There are different types of bipolar. Those with type 1 experiences of manic enhancements and poor levels. Those with knowledge 2 have the bad impairment and the moderate statements – called hypomania – a shorter period lasts. Those with cyclothymia get less emotional movements, but can last longer.
  • Through a manic program, those with bipolar disorder can be misleading and have a lot of energy, plans and ambitious ideas. But they can be aggressive, and they will be aggressive. get psychosis experts.
  • The bipolar disorder is unknown. Some scientists believe that it can be developed as a result of a serious major problem as a child, as well as genetic and chemical factors.
  • One in every 100 adults in the United Kingdom has shown that some of the conditions were in place.

Sources: NHS, Royal College of Enthusiasts and Mind

The study looked through the patient's hospital records and found that other patients like antipsychotic and anticonvulsant cure were raised.

That is why researchers say, none of these are proven to be as effective as lithium in a & # 39; Managing the long-term problem.

Alison Cairns, Scottish Bipolar Scotland Chief Executive, said: "We have been worried for a long time to do with the number of people who have been given for unprivileged unprotectedness. there.

"We urge everyone to make a helpful discussion with their clinician to make sure they get the best treatment they can have and know why they are giving it. We support strong patient clinical partnerships. "

Professor Allan Young, president of the British British Society of British Studies, said: "Patient is usually a treatment (disruption), which is very little if there is any evidence Benefits of bipolar disorder and rarely prescribe the cure with the best evidence of benefits, lithium S-

"Doctors should strive to develop ordering practices and this should be taken according to scientific evidence and medicine directions."

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Lithium is considered as a # 39; The first treatment method for bipolar disorder was the only study found that it was only assigned to one of 20 patients

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