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Chelsea fans are appearing NO MERCY to Thibaut Courtois after HOWL for Belgium vs Russia Football

The Red Devils were taking over the 2018 World Cup guests at the Heysel Stadium.

Both teams fought their first European Championship 2020 match and the game was soon unattended.

Midfield player Leicester Youri Tielemans opened the scoring 14 minutes after a skipping team moved from Belgium.

The 21-year-old man lifted the ball outwith the area and shot an arrow out of Guilherme Marinato.

But Roberto Martinez's side got two minutes later, although they were following a terrible defeat by Courtois.

An old Chelsea keeper, who refused to train the club's training to push the summer move to Real Madrid, swapped a ball at the edge of his box.

Artem Dzubya didn't stop putting it up, making him embark on a nervous kiss which owned Denis Cheryshev.

And then Valencia Cheryshev went off quietly into the lively web, with Courtois on the folders unattended.

Belgium visits the lead half-time through Eden Hazard, but it has not stopped Chelsea fans from reviving longer in the sad season Courtois has followed t being keen to leave West London.

Members of the Blues Blues support group did not appear on Twitter with a single writing: "Courtois the largest in European football."

Others were laughing at the warden in "Looooool Courtois", “Lmfao Courtois what the fool”, and “What mourns from the Courtyard loooool”.

Similarly, their statements had bitter support staff.

“Courtois is finished,” there's one view, while “another person is called” vigorously.

One of the loyalists used to Stamford Bridge emojis to show their joy, writing: “Enforcing the law with another man?” As well as laughing faces and injurious emojis.

The sarcastic view is a man taken with a more detailed viewer, who wrote: “Receiving a fine backhand with Courtois, as soon as he got the chance to break it up. playground but instead it is lost, true completion by Cheryshev. ”

And perhaps the Belgian supporter of the situation has set out the situation.

“Chelsea fans have cursed Courtois,” they said.

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