Congo has a statutory vote beginning in Ebola-hit areas


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BENI, Congo (AP) – Voters who did not get a chance to take part in the election of Congo's president because of Ebola disease and violent opposition on Sunday's Sunday among ongoing riots.

The vote of the January president did not include residents in the Congo cities of eastern Beni and Butembo. Government officials said the decision was made in favor of Ebola, although the current situation is still a risk, with the number of cases still rising last week.

Voters would have to wash their hands before entering the polling stations on Sunday in an attempt to stem the spread of disease. Ebola, a killer virus, is transmitted through communicating with an individual's physical movements.

Malikidogo Kathembo, a 48-year-old farmer, voted in Beni for national and regional legislatures although he is still confused about what happened in January. Kathembo is still uncertain about the reason given to stop Beni from voting in the election for a president.

"We voted today despite Ebola and so why did they refuse in January to let us vote?" he asked. "I think it was a political move that stopped us."

Polling stations in Butembo, now a center of Ebola disease, are now the second most dead in history with more than 1,000 deaths. And voters could participate on Sunday in Yumbi, where January's call was called out because of general violence.

The decision confirmed the deletion of presidential elections in areas affected by Ebola only that the disease was used for political or financial gain, viewers say. Health staff have been finding it difficult to get sick people to ask for treatment in health centers, causing them to have broken down with Ebola as a result.

A study published last week in the Lancet Infectious Diseases magazine found that a quarter of the people surveyed in September in Beni and Butembo believed Ebola was false.


The associated newswriters Saleh Mwanamilongo in New York and Krista Larson in Dakar, Senegal helped this report.

Congo has a statutory vote beginning in Ebola-hit areas
Congo has a statutory vote beginning in Ebola-hit areas

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