Saturday , April 4 2020
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Cuttings with Apple HomePod prices

Apple has charged the price of smart HomePod speaker worldwide without saying why it has been done.

The price of HomePod has fallen from $ 349 to $ 299 in the USA, from £ 319 to £ 279 in the UK, and from AU $ 499 to AU $ 469 in Australia.

Profit is about the cause of Apple, with two possible answers.

It has been suggested that this reduction in price could be the start of Apple HomePod 2.

However, as new HomePod was not mentioned at the Apple Apple event, new HomePod is more likely to be published at the end of this year, or even in 2020.

It's probably the Apple HomePod struggling to compete with Amazon and Google's smart speakers – and Apple hopes prices will cut more people than buy the equipment.

Apple hasn't been available in South Africa by Apple.

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