Depression – you are not alone

DEPRESSION can take place at any time in people's lives. Teens can be affected, and even young children, but it is not always built up later. This is in line with Philippa Manning, director of the Pietermaritzburg Mental Health Association, a nonprofit organization that deals with bad problems and mental illnesses.

Manning says that anyone can suffer from depression in a lightweight or hard, and those with a medical or other mental diagnosis are already at great risk of getting waterfall us too.

"Severe depression can be a hazardous, and if it is handled, it can harden self-suicidal thoughts and plans. It is considered that cure and counseling is still the best combination of medicine.

"Many causes can be caused: stress, worry, loss experiences (death of a loyal person); large debts or relationship problems; unemployment; isolation, etc. With great depression, maybe It is a result of a life condition or a chemical imbalance in the brain for a variety of reasons. If you see the symptoms of depression, it is very important to talk to a professional, find a diagnosis, and get treatment. It is the first GP to judge the judge.

"Support is an important part of the cure as pharmacists only serve the life experiences that a person may suffer.

"Support from friends and family is so important, so the secret case from fear and embarrassment (stigma) to your mental health issue.

"Counseling from a professional or mental psychologist, or a social worker or a qualified consultant, is an essential part of the medicine," says Manning.

Manning was a family incentive for those who could be able to do it; suffering from depression to try and help them to seek professional support because sometimes this person can not do their own: "People with dementia are often misunderstood and judged correctly as opposed to getting help or change to change.

"As an organization we are able to help people get an assessment for medical treatment and their ongoing support, so that those who are suffering from depression can not be # 39; remote feeling.

"As an non-governmental organization, we can connect to other services and we hope we will find practical solutions to reduce some of the causes of depression. Very few people & When people with dementia go to doctors but they can talk to you, "she said.

Society will also have a & # 39; Providing services to those with conditions such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, as well as intellectual disabilities. Manning said that many members of the public were not aware that they are providing services to people who have a " suffering from depression.

Ayanda Mavundla, from Chaluza, found that it was heavy in 2017. She told him Echo It was proved that there was a blessing in her conflict, because she got a full chance to have her own after the information.

"My decision and my self-esteem had a profound impact on it. Before being tested, I did not know anything seriously and I never thought that I could be determined by like that. At that time, I did not feel well because of a mistake and it was admitted to hospital.

"When I got to the hospital they kept all kinds of tests. After that, a psychologist came to visit me and moved to a mental hospital where I got a professional help. He took me around two weeks to find my voice again but with the help of medicine and mind, I got my voice again.

"Initially, I was so ugly that it was confirmed that I was pregnant. I did not even know how to tell people to get it all in. It was sent in for three months and I got back to what I was normal. What I have learned from my knowledge is that you are not afraid of anything; depression is just a step and treatment is very effective. you just get help as soon as you can see the signs, "she said.

After recovering from severe, Mavundla wrote a book about her knowledge, Save Depression, which was launched in July last year.

Last November she founded a nonprofit company called A Pome Delegation of mental illness. She believes that much remains to be done to teach people about depression.

Physical activity is also considered an important means of tackling stress. According to Slondile Nene, who is a sports tutor in Curves, not only does he go to athletics about a # 39; get healthy and healthy: "If you're at athletics you'll forget about what's happening around you. You'll focus on your breath, postage and on the You have a momentum set for work. When using a person, the emotion hormones (endorphins) are made. A person who feels good, happier and happier about things when I am at the athlete. When a person becomes intimidated through a hard state, it is very important to be involved in hard work so that they can be arrested and discharged. with those feelings.

"As personal trainees, we also build strong relationships with our clients because we give them a platform to rely on us and advise us where we can, "she said.

What's in depression?

There are a number of serious problems that are classified as seriously seriously damaging but all these problems are in feelings of sadness, respite, or confidentiality, together with physical and mental changes that negatively affect the individual's ability work in their daily lives.

Each of the basic causes of individual disorders can have a very difficult disorder. However, it is often believed that there are complicated behavioral problems caused by a variety of genetic, geological, environmental and environmental factors.

For more information contact the PMB Mental Health Association at 033 392 7240.

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