DR Congo: Ebola Medical Center under attack

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The Ebola Center (ETC) run by unlimited Doctors (MSF) and the Ministry of Health yesterday, Wednesday, 27 February 2019 was attacked at the Buttembo township, in the Kivu district of the Republic of the Republic Democratic Republic of Congo. The invaders put some of the facilities to the building – as well as vehicles – fire and guns were heard. Since then the robots have been taken into account We do not know whether all staff, patients or families are physically safe. There are attempts to store the zone and to find patients and staff still going on. The ETC was introduced into the dark after the electric generator had been disrupted in the attack. There were 57 patients living in the ETC – these 14 are determined by Ebola issues. Many of the Ebola issues that were suspected, as well as Congolese staff, fled to the healthcare facilities and still do not know where they are.

Hugues Robert, MSF Emergency Appointment Manager:

"Today, another great attack on the Ebola treatment facility has happened, this time in the Butembo township. This is the last week's attack on another Ebola MSF medical center at Katwa near Not only does this attack give Ebola life to the patient and their families at risk, but also those of the WSF and Ministry of Health staff. Our efforts currently focusing on the safety of both staff and patients.

Tomorrow, the International President of the MSF Joanne Liu and the DRC Health Minister will come to Butembo to evaluate how they look after Ebola patients in Butembo and Katwa according to the attacks on the two Ebola treatment centers in the area.

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