DR Congo Taxation dies Ebola 500: health minister

KINSHASA – Over 500 people have died from the beginning of Ebola in DR Congo, but a vaccine program has prevented thousands of deaths, the country's health minister told AFP.

"In total, there are 502 deaths and 271 people treated," said a health minister's journal published late late Friday, describing her & her. break in the eastern part of the country.

But Oly Ilunga Kalenga's Health Minister said a vaccine program had protected 76,425 people for her first time and stopped banning "thousands".

"I believe we have blocked the spread of disease in the cities" in the region, he said.

"The teams also revealed that the split was distributed to neighboring nations," he said.

LEABH: Congo is a one-day record listing for the Ebola affirmative issues

"The biggest problem with high mobility is the problem," said the minister.

The bankruptcy started in the last August in the North Kivu area, which borders Uganda and Rwanda.

The Spanish shield at the Doctors Without Borders (MSF) support group on Twitter Saturday said there was an increase in cases from January 15.

Rwanda, Uganda and South Sudan, further north, were now warned, he added.

The security situation is in the eastern part of the country, where the armed rebels have been trying to scare the population for years, have been struggling to behave; treatment of illness.

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