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EOH is a 34% division after Microsoft terminates

The divisions raised in EOH Holdings up to 34.3% in Johannesburg on Tuesday morning following the late news on Monday that Microsoft completed two partnership agreements with the technical services group that was registered with JSE.

TechCentral advised that Microsoft had notified EOH Mthombo on Friday that it intends to complete the approval of its company Licensing Provider and the approval of the Microsoft partner network.

EOH maintains Microsoft contracts through joint venture EOH Mthombo. They fall 30 days from the completion date.

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The EOH delegation group, led by Director Stephen van Coller, is going to meet with Microsoft South Africa later on Tuesday to consider the developments. It is more likely to show more clarity after that meeting.

Microsoft spokesman refused to say why the agreements were finalized.

EOH Holdings' affiliate leader, Debbie Millar, confirmed that the agreements were finalized with Microsoft South Africa but said that the software does not give reasons to the organization.

"We are engaging with them to understand their decision," said Millar.

This article was published with the permission of TechCentral. The original publication can be seen here.

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