Find a new media found in B.C. Caves may survive from a ice age

VANCOUVER – Scientists say that species of insects that live in a cave found in British Columbia could survive from the last ice age.

Haplocampa wagnelli, the artropod found in a cave near Port Alberni on the Vancouver Island about three to four millimeters long, with six legs and eyes.

A study published in the Foterranean Biotechnology magazine on Tuesday states that this may be one of the species that live in the most northerly cave.

Alberto Sendra's managing author says that he has been suited to live under the iceboard to avoid the cold weather during the ice age, or that he could be migrated north from the United States.

He says that the little insects are an example of change, and is opening opportunities such as living species in different weather and climate.

The name of the midwives indicates your fleet and co-author; newspaper, Craig Wagnell, who spent years exploring caves on Vancouver Island.

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