Heart disease & Zombie deer & # 39; spread to 24 US and Canadian states … and HUMANS – RT USA News is increasingly threatening

An unpleasant brain, similar to the dog, called "zombie deer disease" that causes deer, sheep and sheep to be transmitted in an ingenious and aggressive spread across the US – and they are afraid to be grow in humans suddenly.

Accurate chronic disease (CWD) can ensure that people who do not suffering from uncomforted, insecure and aggressive victims, and also causing loss of weight and – finally – their lives, causing their nickname "zombie deer disease."Sick animals walk in repetition patterns and scare people, who are vacant.

Like the disease of pirates, CWD attacks the brain and the backbone and is Believing that it is caused by protesters, infectious proteins that travel corporally and be tolerant for years after leaving the body of hospitality. Also, as a boyfriend disease, in the original days, at least some scientists have been disturbing her & her; opinion that can be taken to people. Others see a story reassuring itself.

"CWD's human activity related to the consumption of polluted meat is likely to be scheduled in future years, "Michael Osterholm, director of the Minnesota University Center for Invasive Disease and Research, gave a warning to the Capitol Minnesota lawyers on Thursday.

The number of human cases can be very large and that there are no remote incidents

Minnesota is currently out of its & # 39; worst case ever from CWD. The disease is not ascertaining, and the long lactation means that symptoms may be as long as a year to appear – a & # 39; means that a healthy deer hunter can be killed and taken home for dinner without knowing he was; throwing infectious meat. Although Canada's survey last year saw that mucks were fed by CWD's disease meat, improving the disease, which allowed Canadian authorities to provide health advice, the CDC did not just "praised"In the face of eating deer's disease, and saying that US wildlife groups are eating the poor wildlife" is a personal choice, "according to Pioneer Press Press.

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"For Stephen King could write a bottle of infection, he would write about such principles, "Osterholm, who reminded lawyers from Minnesota, said that public health experts and grassland industry operators refused a long time to believe that a cow could go to it, # 39; attacking people also – to the researchers' fortification that his human change, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, was in people who had meat; eaten in 1996.

CWD's disease rates are very high among US dolphin numbers, and reach 79 per cent, according to the CDC. Even in the wild, in some areas more than one out of four deer are infected with the disease. The report puts pressure on CWD measure "to a low level"Across the country, but researchers are worried, including the University of Minnesota team, trying to use an early test device on live and dead animals.

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