How to develop a woman's brain further longer

When it comes to brains, it is women who hold power, according to the latest research.

When it comes to brains, it is women who hold power, according to the latest research.

A study shows that female females are often three years old; younger than those who are equal to a male.

The search can help to explain why women tend to stay more interesting longer than men in the later years.

Scans of men and women aged 20 to 82 studied the oral orientation of glucose, and how it is being burned for energy, which will affect the performance of brain.

It was already known that people 's love falls older at the age of the women, but the new results are in fact; Praise the brain metabolism is also different.

The fact that older men can see less memory and language skills than women, may be the responsibility of the truth; maybe its & # 39; youngest and defend them from forgetfulness for a longer period.

Dr Manu Goyal, who supervised the study at the Washington University Medical School in St Louis, said: "We just start to understand how different factors related to sex to influence brain growth and can affect the dangers of the brain to a neurodegenerative disease.

"Chicken metabolism can help to understand some of the differences we can see between men and women as they are age."

Inspectors used PET scans to judge the biological age of 121 women and 84 men based on the way in which they used glucose and oxygen. The metabolism of the brain can be lost when people are suffering; getting older, with pensions that use less glucose for brain development and more to achieve everyday activities. But women may be better than men when they oppose their & # 39; this decline.

Scientists believe that there is a younger brain & # 39; using a higher proportion of glucose for fuel development, possibly a & # 39; strengthening specific areas.

This can help protect against the loss of a green case that causes thinking difficulties in old age, although further research is needed to find out if this is true.

Researchers found that women who used to develop a higher proportion of glucose proportions for their brain, wrote in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences magazine.

There was a computer algorithm designed by the researchers to diagnose the age of brain biological. shows that ordinary women's shoes were 3.8 years younger than their actual age and 2.4 year old men's course than the true age.

The researchers said that the estimate difference, based on the two results, is that women's breed is three years younger.

Dr Goyal said: "It's not a bigger age of people to start – they start an air age three years older than women, and that's a & Continuing throughout life.

What we do not know what it is & # 39; mean. I think this could be a & # 39; means that the reason why women can not get so much of the mental decline in the years? disappeared because their methods are efficiently younger, and we are currently working on scrutiny to prove that that is. & # 39;

Scientists have funny & nasty scams; Unfortunately, unfortunately – and quickly enough, it's not a bone but a spot in the brain that causes people to smile when they move.

They were detected through brain surgery on a patient who was emerging under local anesthetic. Surgeons who promoted a region called a bundle of cingulum, cause a little smile.

A newspaper in the Journal of Clinical Review states that the patient reported that he was unhappy to be sorry to have? …? Has become an enjoyable, calm atmosphere over a few fingers of inspiration.

The researchers from the Emory University in the United States said that the search could continue to handle & # 39; which may change greatly & for anxiety and depression.

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