Jogger kills a mountain lion with bare hands


A corridor in Colorado was fighting for his life without any weapon when attacked by an 80-not lion lion.

According to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the lion attacked an unidentified runner in the Horsetooth Mountain Mountain Park just west of Fort Collins.

The victim heard something behind him when he was running on the way and was attacked when he turned out for research. The lion's face was spun and spindle before the secretary could be broken free.

The runner sent his animal to the bare hands.

After removing the lion's lion, he was able to travel safely and subsequently he will get a medical remedies at a nearby hospital.

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The CPW believes that the young man was in a position; hunted and brought into himself.

"Colorado's mountain horn attacks are not common in Colorado and it's unhappy that the lion's lion attack attacked. This could be quite different," said Ty Petersburg, a local wildlife manager Colorado Parks and Wildlife in the statement.

The lion's corpse was found a few feet from the track with the LDC. The lion's health laboratory was brought to Colorado Parks and Wildlife for neropsy.

The last mountain lion attack in Colorado was named in June 2016 in Pitkin County.

Park Parks and Wildlife also gave recommendations in the statement if someone meets a mountain lion:

  • Do not come near a lion, especially a man who's a bait or kitchens. Most of the mountain lions attempt to avoid face. Give them a way to escape.
  • Stay quiet when you reach a lion. Talk calmly and firmly. Move slowly and do not turn your back.
  • Stop or slip slowly, if you can safely. By running it may cause a lion to challenge her; running and attacking. Oppose the lion and stand upright.
  • Make what you can be bigger. Raise your arm. Open your jacket if you have one. If you have little children, protect them by building them so they will not be disturbed.
  • If the lion attacks invasion, bring stones, branches or whatever you can take your hands without falling down or down; turn your back. Move your arms slowly and talk firmly. What you want to do is to confirm the lion you do not; raid and that you are at risk to the lion.
  • Battle against the lion who attacks you. Lions were taken away by a raid who is fighting back. People have been fighting back with rocks, sticks, captains or jackets, garden tools and their bare hands successfully. Eye and nose target because these are fragile areas. Stay standing or trying to get back.

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