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In 2002, an amazing and amazing episode, the Square Enix developer who was released Hearts Kingdom, successfully match a game Final Fantasy a world with Disney ones, which always has a play play experience. Three years later, the game got a sequence Kingdom of Hearts II, but fans did not know they had to wait for another two years before the third game in the series was released.

Kingdom of Hearts III

Ultimately, 14 years and fans have access to & # 39; waiting for the long term Kingdom of Hearts IIIThe Post is a question, if the game is successful in & # 39; bringing together the points from the previous games and, more importantly, is it just as wild and fun as it was before?

Kingdom of Hearts III just starting after the events at Kingdom Hearts 3D: A Dream TourSora Sora has lost his powers, so he communicates with his companion, Goofy and Donald, on an effort to help him repeat and finally re-assume it, # 39; defeated the evil Xenort in the last battle between light and dark.

It's a statement that's a # 39; Over 15 games, so it is not surprising that growing up on everything can be challenging and sometimes difficult.

It's a statement that's a # 39; Over 15 games, so it is not surprising that growing up on everything can be challenging and sometimes difficult. Kingdom of Hearts III Is it better to complete messages for players, but I have still been uncertain at times with parts of the statement.

A very limited story, at the heart, Kingdom of Hearts III He is about friendship and fighting for what you believe. Sora is still so pleased that we are remember and help to & # 39; bringing new players, who may not know the narrative statement, a reassuring and interesting character to Post-

In the effort to recover Sora's powers, the third world will explore Disney and Pixar's world. They get it by & # 39; using the Gummi vessel, a double spacecraft that would travel over the Kingdom Hearts ceilidh world. In these sections, the game is becoming slow, where players have to travel a number of obstacles and the catastrophe, including some leaders, as long as they are on their way to the destination. I got these sections as their favorite part Kingdom of Hearts IIIThe post is soft and most of them sink to keep it in the fire button and try to get from point A to Point B as soon as possible; as possible. The game allows you to customize or even build your own Gummi Ship, but even those sections can not be helped to help them. feeling uninterested.

Hearts Kingdom 3

The same can not be said for the different world shows and the gang is going to visit. All of these Disney / Pixar-inspired animals are different with vision and are delighted to be able to; explored. From Big Warrior 6San Fransokyo so far OnwardsAnd Corona and even Andy's bedroom Toy Story, each of these worlds were re-created with affectionate attention to detail. It is even surprising just how Sora and the gang mix the world, whether they are; fought with Captain Jack Sparrow or his / her; hanged out with Elsa and Anna, it was never hard to see these lively characters that hung to Disney and Pixar ones.

Each world also includes new game innovations, such as the Toys story Sora who sees in the world is a go into a toy-toy toys and run through her legs in her & # 39; first person. There are also the sections where Sora can join Ratatouille& Remy to th; and some will eat food from the different things he gets to travel.

Each world also includes new game tools …

In fact, Sora, Goofy and Donald are not just hanging around those worlds to enjoy the sights. They also have the responsibility to eliminate the heart, nobility and other creatures of other blood that have begun to appear in these peaks. This is where game-fighting systems have a & # 39; come in.

As before Distribution Titles, Sora attacks Wonderful Keyblade. In fact, it is a big key to which it will be. taking his rest in. As Sora explores more world, it's a solve new Keyblades, with their unique strengths. Not only does each new Keyblade look great but each of them also has a unique specialty. For example, the Toy Story Keyblade can be changed as a large foam that causes a lot of damage, and the Keyblade of Olympus can change a wing that can be thrown at enemies. These modifications only happen for a while but it's a n; provides a series of new strategies to combat their licensing. Sora can carry up to three different Keyblades and change them completely during the battle. International all Keyblade wielding, Sora will also spend a variety of spells.

Hearts Kingdom 3

The new license subscription is the attractive bids that are, Sora sees her talk about different Disney parks to help her in fighting, such as a tea cup or pirate trips. These are powerful and amazing attacks that Sora will help out when he gets himself in a pinch.

If not enough, Sora can also help the different Disney and Pixar characters, such as Simba and the Rocks, Ralph, during their battle.

Lastly, Donald and Goofy have their secret relatives who fight against Sora. Although they can not be controlled directly, players can set up how they can; fight in combat, like using Donald only to & # 39; Use health tricks when necessary. This may be very spectacular in the first instance but at least it has never happened. fight.

Boss blows also have a unique feeling …

Over time I had been tired of playing at the same lines by doing it. It describes each time that I used one of these abilities. It is brilliant then that the developer gives you the opportunity to turn that line into a menu; game.

There were also occasions, especially on the easiest problems, where the fight was likely to involve just hitting one button once and until all the enemies fell in colorful fields.

On higher problems being successful in fighting, it will be more likely to plan and implement a strategy.

Boss chairs also have a sense, in particular, unique and I have never been sure what to do; expect around each corner.

Hearts Kingdom 3

It is clear how his love was entered into the game. I was always feeling that I was in a position; watch the Disney movie or Pixar, giving thanks to the visual vision and voice voice.

Playing Kingdom of Hearts III I gave me a chance to feel like a kid again. I always found myself with the magic and the wonder I was going to; Getting involved with my TV series as long as I was going to; Explore more of the magic places at their game. The attractive shows and Keyblade changes are welcome to help & fighting game & # 39; enhance the overall vision of their game.

Kingdom of Heart III And there may be an interesting story and it can, at times, be too easy but the game is very easy. Achieving what he's doing is doing that and doing it; keep players up with their game symbols and make a suitable decision for fans to a story that's going on; overwhelming many years.

The Review

Kingdom of Hearts III


  • It is a vision in Fàg
  • It looks amazing
  • It is full of Disney charm
  • Special Collections for Research


  • A story is still maintained
  • Temperature (
  • Being a very easy feeling of lower problems

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