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Lizzo Charmingly Flirts With Trevor Noah The Daily Show ': Watch

Lizzo's Lizzo charisma-tornado is a week away from letting her new album out Cuz I Love You and two days away from playing Coachella for the first time, maybe two things are a big star, something must happen. And last night, she was a guest The Daily Show – not doing, but talking. And she did very well Well. In the main, she did this by turning the wreck of Trevor Noah into it.

Lizzo, who has recently been taking part in some of her television shows, followed her knee. She began courting Noah the second one to walk on a path, when she presented him with a piece of candle from the exhibition's green room. And she kept him up until her last visit there, when she kissed him on the cheek when he was looking. It struck with a number of pure rays of a kind that I can even imagine as it dealt with it. Did he have to go down and down after the interview? What would it be? you carried out?

Lizzo was also a good interview, taking all the questions of Noah correctly into how she developed her own style. (Good line: “This is a nerd band beneath this cool so cool.”) Wherever possible, she turned around Noah's questions around to talk about her love. There was lots of fun to look at, and that's not what I could say about too many interviews with Trevor Noah. Look below.

Cuz I Love You It flows out 4/19 on the Atlantic.

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