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Los Angeles Recruits Catherine Bell for JAG collection by David James Elliott

Last week's news went on last day JAG al, David James Elliott would repeat his distinguished career from the CBS drama in many multiple recordings; t NCIS: Los Angelesco-presenter Catriona Bell returns for the end of the series 'season.'

According to TheWrap, Bell will appear with her net star in the final of 19 May. NCIS: LA, accused of his position as Lt Col. Sarah “Mac” Mackenzie – someone who showed a character and that was before JAG producer R. Scott Gemmill believes that it is preparation for “strong female directions” on prime-time television.

“Not only is it great to be working together again as friends, but to be able to write for Catrìona and her same character interacting with the t NCIS: Los Angeles characters now, that is quite amazing. He feels that everything has been full of adventure, ”said Gemmill.

Bell, who participated in Lt Meg Austin from Tracey Needham after the first season and trained in the 1997 category, “We the People,” comes with Elliott, who repeats become Captain Captain Harmon “Harm” Rabb Jr.

“Taking Harmon Rabb to work with [the Los Angeles NCIS team] creating a powerful coalition, and both groups must reach every assistance they receive when they face the greatest challenges of their jobs, ”said Gemmill last week. “[As a writer and producer] I did the first four quarters of JAG with it, so it is good to be able to work together both inside and outside. But to do that with the same character, on our display, many years later… that is really amazing. ”

Elliott appears in “The Guardian,” the final issue NCIS: LA ’a season that finds that the team are finding out about ISIS supporters trying to attack US plane carriers t The case includes Callen (Chris O 'Donnell) and Sam (LL Cool J) now working with Rabb, XO Captain of the USS Intrepid. According to TheWrap, Hetty (Linda Hunt) is calling for her old friend, Lt. Col. Sarah “Mac” MacKenzie (Bell) is on request to help the crew get to an unconscious Russian diplomat.

Bell and Elliott both linked to the legal military series at US JAG for 10 years between 1995 and 2005, with the success of the exhibition integrate into the vote NCIS again in 2003, and was continued NCIS: Los Angeles 2009 and 2009 NCIS: New Orleans in 2014 by Scott Bakula.

There's still no word if the actor Patrick Labyorteaux, who is famous for playing Ltjg. Bud Roberts, Jr and finish the three teams in the end of the season. However, Labyorteaux has starred in three times NCIS between 2003 (“Submission to Dry”) and 2018 (“Dark Riatan”) t JAG character.

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