Mar Washington State Measles Emergency Worsens, 9 More State Report Issues

Athe case is a & # 39; Counting in terrorism in the Washington state is now in existence; Looking back to 51, other states start to & # 39; experience the difficulty of Washington. This week, the needle was reported in nine states that had a " coming from coast to coast.

From Friday, the CDC has confirmed that ten states have confirmed the issues of the needle: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas, and Washington.

In most of these states, the disease has been infected to; travel among non-vaccinated people both Dave, as the case for four of the issues set out in Texas earlier this week. A fluffy vaccine is 97% a & # 39; affect when someone gets two doses.

MMR vaccine can protect against its & # 39; measles, and is usually distributed in two doses.

Squirrel activity was closely researched in the Washington State, where public health emergency was published earlier in January. Clark County, Washington reports 50 cases, and King County has recited one. In Multnomah County nearby in Oregon – home to Portland, "face-to-face vaccine – four cases of measles are reported.

At the same time, the city of New York and New York both describes its name; measles, according to CDC inspection page, although the origins of those can be found back to the beginning of October. As it is, a measurable thing is a n; Counted in Rockland County, New York has affected 130th of October 2018 (which is higher than the CDC count for 2019, partly as Rockland counts 2018 issues as part of this break) . In addition, New York City has reported 67 cases between November 2018 and February 2019 in Brooklyn.

Fortunately, outside New York and Washington State, countertops count considerably lower. Texas has proven six glasses outside Houston and one in County Bell, just north of Austin. Connecticut told him, and the remaining states on the CDC list are recited between one or three issues.

Importantly, just because a state states that there is no rabbit. measles that means that the state has been at & # 39; appears, although the CDC closely monitors issues due to its very emerging nature. Despite this, there are a few bladder cases last year each year in the US: in 2018, the CDC reported 372.

It's hard to tell if it's a banner year for a wide-ranging case across the country. Currently, the CDC has 79 cases (which are counted only from January – one foot in 2018) in Rocklandshire and New York City. But talk to the Distribution, Peter Hotez, Ph.D., has given a National School of Tropical Medicine at the Baylor Medicine College, leading to 2019 to be special.

"It's probably been 2019 a year that we see anti-vaxxers public health effects," said Hotez. "In a way, we already saw in 2018, but things appear to be more in 2019."

Despite the 2019 year to which it is & # 39; describing those who have been diagnosed with MMR care, it is already difficult for those ten-state residents to do so; affecting the disease.

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