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More people with long-term illnesses include dementia

Gum disease (gingivitis) which can continue to be treated can be periodontitis. When this happens, the disease that affected your guns loses loss to the bone that supports your teeth. Periodontitis is the main reason for adult dental loss. By inclusion, periodontitis is also a cause of the risk of developing dementia, one of the main causes of disability in older adults. The United Nations forecast forecasts that 1 out of 85, a type of dementia, will be classed as Alzheimer's with 2050, in order to reduce the risks t causing Alzheimer's dementia and dementia to develop older opportunities for older adults.

Recently, researchers in South Korea have explored the link between chronic periodontitis and dementia. They published their results in João A diary of the American Geriats Association.

The research team examined information from the National Health Insurance Service Inspectorate (NCH-HEALS). In South Korea, the NHIS gives compulsory health insurance that covers almost all kinds of health care for every citizen in the country. The organization also gives twice-yearly health checks for everyone who is 40 years of age or over and who maintains accurate health records for all enrollees.

The researchers looked at health information from 262,349 people aged 50 and over. Everyone involved in getting the groups involved was healthy (meaning that they didn't have the harmful start time) or because it was discovered that it was time out. The researchers followed the partners from January 1, 2005 until they were found to have dementia or died, or until the end of December 2015, whatever came first.

The researchers learned that people with periodontitis had a 6% higher risk of dementia than people without periodontitis. The connection was not just about transport like smoking, drinking alcohol, nor being physically active. Researchers said they know, this is the first survey to show that long term time may be linked to a higher risk of dementia even after taking account of lifestyle behavior.

The researchers recommended that future checks could be carried out to investigate whether prevention and prevention of on-going illnesses could lead to less degeneration.

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