MTN to travel the 4G Liquid Telecom network

Liquid Telecom has announced that MTN will use solar 4G service; Company to provide more internet opportunities across South Africa.

"Liquid Telecom South Africa is the first MTN buyer to offer 4G sea routes to millions of South African people. This includes LTE services to increase the demand for rapid high-speed mobile broadband The retail service service is available across the Liquid Telecom network across the country, "said Liquid Telecom .

Reshaad Sha, Liquid Telecom SA CEO, said that "as a result of the contract, more people than ever had a fast and reliable mobile internet".

"This builds on our vision so that everyone can be connected by fastening broadband connection to all," says Sha.

MTN, African Africa Chief Executive, Godfrey Motsa said: "This type of infrastructure compartment is good for its business, because it reduces the need for too high capital investment and is It's also good for customers, who benefit from a better chance of fast and reliable mobile data access. "

Liquid Telecom said he has been investing extensively throughout Africa, where he has the largest independent fiber network of almost 70,000km.

This is linked to more than 660 towns and cities in 13 countries.

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