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Ramaphosa speaks in support of a Thrift, a & # 39; means that EFF is part of what is wrong with SA & # 39; – The Citizen

After weeks of thinking about his quiet on the attacks against his / her; Public Minister Pravin Gordhan, President Cyril Ramaphosa has spoken in support.

He asks others to come together to assist the minister, who has the hard work to do; cleaning and turning around risky property enterprises in South Africa, reporting Fin24.

Talk on Sunday night in conversation with the # 39; formerly chairman, Investose Stephen Koseff at his two-year conference on Gauteng's chapters of the Board of Representatives, with Command Commands, Ramaphosa said that the groups and individuals were attacking Rear "was very much involved in the ones that went wrong in our country".

Despite being & # 39; Commenting on names, the most impressive critics of Overwhelming EFF leaders, especially Floyd Shivambu and Julius Malema. The former president, the son of John Zuma, Edward was then attacking a Trail with such bottles made to make an excuse by the Human Rights Commission Commission. The people and organizations that stand up to & # 39; Losing their effects at parastatals too strongly against the Reef.

Ramaphosa said that Gorhan said he was "brave", telling the truth of the Zondo research commission for state arrest. The president has also issued a certificate before the First Justice Raymond Zondo.

Ramaphosa asked the country to protect the Command.

"Our work is to provide support and protection to people like Pravin Gordhan and others. We should stand on their back as they try to … eliminate your country from corruption culture [that] is introduced into the political group's delicacies. "

Orissa and his daughter, Anisha, have been the subject of many recent attacks by Malema. The leader of the red runners said that the Gorhan daughter was entitled to contracts from the National Treasury Department and other government departments due to the influence of his father.

However, a number of reports have been said that Anisha's work for corporate units has not meant that he has earned it directly from any government contract while on board those companies, especially as long as while working for Investec.

Malema does not yet give any evidence for her appeals. Speaking at the public manifesto consultation session at Tshwane Metro Police Department headquarters, Malema said the media did not. Publishes images of a family and cousin, who believed they were; benefit from a VBS loft scanner, but apparently they were protecting the Gordhans.

"Most of the people who sit here do not know the word of Pravin's daughter [the Gordhans] Working with a white capital monopoly and so they can not be pollution. Our grandmother and sisters – their pictures are everywhere.

"Pravin says that my daughter will not be in. But, if I want to say that, I have told me I can not do it because I'm a public representative. They were ready to find Nhlanhla's son Nene. for money from the PIC when Nene was chairman, because he was black. "

He said that the recent allegations were on his / her; his party who benefited from VBS was simply burning by "monopoly capital" for the EFF rainfall to show a white corpse.

Overseas told the state arrest commission last week that his daughter had never done any business directly with the state. He challenged the people who tried to attack him directly and leave his family.

(Composed by Charles Cilliers)

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