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Sans Souci wishes pupils well. after leaving school

Sans Souci Girls High has been trying to kill the pupil who was killed when his Afrikaans teacher was "well on his academic journey" after his mother decided to take the decision out of school.

The Western Western Education Department confirmed to News24 that the learner's lawyers had formally written to the school asking her letter to move.

After she appeared in a camera in the Wednesday Wynberg Laird Court, the pupil said she was not going to return to school again. At that time, her mother said she would not decide later, because she had to "first clarify this".

The Law Student Room – representatives of the 9-year-old pupil – said the decision was encouraged with concerns for their good health, "the face of the illegal and illegal case".

The pupil's mother had previously said that, on her daughter's hearing hearing day, just before it started, the headteacher had "advised" to move her daughter to another school.

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"The school has given the learner a good experience of her long-term career while completing her secondary position," said department spokesman Bronagh Hammond.

"The school has passed the letter of motion and the 2018 report," she said.

At the same time, the teacher involved in the change also appeared earlier in the court earlier this week because of an attack. Her case was suspended until 18 April for further investigation.

"In terms of the disciplinary planning process, the SGB is guided, as the teacher is a member of the SGB," said Hammond.

Hammond confirmed earlier on Thursday "rumblings" of a complaint at Newlands school if the pupil returned.

"The principle has explained that a process is followed and they have to wait for the outcome of that process.

"The school will explain in detail how the process will work and manage the setting so that the learners can accept the outcome."

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