Six years onwards and the Guptas still give Sun City money for a big wedding

The logo of Gupta companies in South Africa, including the Koornfontein mine where there are miners, are shown in the & # 39; get married.

The announcement stated that a request was made to submit an opinion to a Gupta lawyer in South Africa without answer.

The Gupta family made a press release when they hosted the Sun City wedding in 2013.

More than 200 visitors on a landing jet arrived without the permission of the Waterkloof Air Force Base army, one of the national main points of the country.

Vega Gupta Aakash Jahajgarhia married in a beautiful wedding who raised questions about Zuma's related relationship to the wealthy Gupta family.

In 2017 TimesLIVE described how accounts of the bash R30m, which were in a series of leaked emails, painted an amazing picture of a pretty sweet sweet. Caolas Hazelnut Lindor's truffle was only the return of taxpayers R13,088.

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