SpaceIL: Beresheet # 2 is on its way to the moon

Morris Khan, Beresheet's biggest funder on SpaceIL, named Saturday night that he is seting Beresheet 2 to finish the Israeli space mission that comes down on the moon.

“As a result of the wonderful messages of support and encouragement I have received from all over the world, I have decided that we will be setting up Beresheet 2,” said Khan.

“We're going to put a new spaceship on the moon and we will be going to finish the mission [Sunday] morning – the first thing – there's a working group – we're going to sit down and plan the project and start it. ”

As millions of people thought they would expect the Israeli spacecraft to make the moon on Thursday night, SpaceIL lost a Beresheet minute before Israel went on to become the fourth country to come to the city. T the moon following a successful seven-week walk from the area.

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