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The Laird of Chicago R. Kelly visits Sony Royalty's debts

R. Kelly loses out on pay day as his landlord and manager at Chicago asked for the freezing to the royal account for the singer to collect the rent.

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The Midwest Commercial Fund subpoena made a contribution to the Sony Music Holdings in an attempt to compose the singer's $ 173,855.08. The Blast reports of that number, $ 154,527.22 were collected from an American Bank account with the singer. The money was obtained from a commercial order.

Good news was received for R. Kelly, some of his debts were reduced and the rest of the fund is being sought from policies for his Sony recordings. Doing one of his legal questions disappearing.

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R. Kelly recently married in Springfield, Illinois for a club form. In all, more than 100 people appeared and only heard from Kells in 28-sec performance. R. Kelly made a sack, however, apparently packing $ 20,000.

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