The party has made a number of mistakes

ANC's friends say that he asks big questions as they reveal a series of mistakes, some deadly, that the party has promised to hunt in the government and as the biggest political party in the country.

FILE: President Cyril announced on 22nd March 2019 the Nyanga East residents at a campaign trail from door to door in Cape Town. Photo: @ MYANC / Twitter

The JOHANNESBURG – African National Federation (ANC) alliance believes the party is in a good position to get involved in a government that should be re-elected by most of Africa. On election day.

But they say that as long as you have a series of errors, some questions are posh, that the party is promised in government and as the biggest political party in the country.

The ANC aims to restore his former power after losing key metals including Tshwane and Johannesburg.

Some of its features today are about acquiring people through political violence, three-part affiliation to their knees, and government workers who go through it when t they will be in post.

While South Africans take away all political parties before the elections next month, ANC's friends have found that they need to go through the same process with the creation of their supporting contributions. T annually since they began campaigning in 1994.

“Should the ANC win the elections, are we going to put the right people in to the government? People don't really want to put the nation first… Indeed, they are still the people they want to do as they want to. According to us, some of them are not worthy to be, ”said general secretary general of South Africa's Trade Unions Bheki Ntshalintshali.

The party's profile has been a serious blow over the years as the amount of pollution and deception by its members in the government has been revealed.

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To clean it, the director of the ANC escorts Mavuso told Msimang Eyewitness News that the overall democracy process must be updated.

“We need to change the ANC's electoral system – I believe that if the IEC kept elections in the way we do – there would be real problems running this country. People were working voluntarily, now that the ANC is in government, this goes out to get it. These are the contradictions we are dealing with, ”said Msimanga.

Recently, the state catching commission has heard of how the party benefited from the company African Global Group, formerly Bosasa.

(Edited by Thapelo Lekabe)

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