The release of nuclear waste at Koeberg – the truth

The Koeberg nuclear power station had three nuclear emissions in 2014 and 2015, but radiation levels were not high enough to inform the public about the leak.

This came to light from parliament with Jeffne Rderbe's Power Minister, Corne Mulder, presented with Freedom Front Plus.

Eskom has now provided more information on release to address security problems profiling at the nuclear power station.

The power facility in a news report at 31 March the two power stations of Koeberg are running safely and running 1,960MW into the power grid.

Koeberg releases nuclear waste

The general manager of Koeberg Velaphi Ntuli gave more information on the clothes in nuclear waste.

  • In May 2014 and October 2015 small numbers of water with very low radiation levels were released into the ocean without an adequate monitoring due to inadequate equipment.
  • At the November 2015 event, a small amount of air was released from the control building directly to the atmosphere without undergoing a phase of study.

“In all of these events the levels of radiation activity were proven to be very low and well within the regulatory requirements,” said Ntuli.

“These events, though not significant, were taken to the National Nuclear Register (NNR) in accordance with the license requirements. ”

Overall review

Ntuli said that Eskom's nuclear investigation committee had carried out a detailed investigation to understand the impact of the three events although these were below control levels.

“The committee found that there was no risk to people, staff or the environment. South Africans can guarantee the conviction that radioactive waste is not spread in Koeberg, ”said Ntuli.

He explained that the power station at Koeberg holds the quarterly Public Information Safety Forum (PSIF) meetings where members of the public are given detailed information about the station's safety and performance.

“We are inviting people with an interest in learning about nuclear safety and attending a nuclear power plant to attend these sessions, visit our visitor center or view on Eskom's website to get nuclear information, ”said Ntuli.

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