The Tesla delivery team collapsed in recent work cuts – sources

Tesla said that this focus has been on caring for customers who are in charge of their customers. waiting in China and in Europe.

Tesla Module Inc 3. Picture: Twitter @ Tesla.

SAN FRANCISCO – When Tesla Inc. finally published the second round of work cuts to revitalize costs, one essential department was particularly badly damaged. Self-conduct is more than half-a-tier than the department that supplies its electric vehicles to North America customers, two of the deferred jobs said.

Around 150 employees from a team of around 230 were released in January at the Las Vegas facility that gets thousands of model 3 in the hands of US and Canadian merchants, they said, in a signal that was company expects delivery speed to be slow in the first term.

The cuts, which have not been previously reported, may cause the worries of owners that an application for Model 3 in the United States has been withdrawn after a large tax breach for consumers to pass on the -and and cars have still been very expensive for most users.

Tesla said that this focus has been on caring for customers who are in charge of their customers. waiting in China and in Europe.

"There are not enough supplies," one of the old staff said to Reuters. "You do not need a team because many cars do not come through."

Model delivery 3 main priority to & # 39; company in the second half of 2018, because Tesla tried to try to do it. All buyers who wanted the total benefit of US $ 7,500 tax credits were provided before being cut at half at the end of the year.

Model 3 is essential for Tesla plans for long-term profits. The company aims to post a profit every quarter this year, based on the expectation that it sold more Module 3 and its # 39; keep cost cuts.

Tesla refused to comment on the work reductions in the delivery team. The company still has a number of delivery staff connected to other places.

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Even before the delivery team backed, investors questioned the level of application for Model 3; left after Tesla was issued to supply merchants ahead of a tax credit cut.

"With the need for revenue to cover costs and generate money, the financial community should focus on the level of demand for Tesla vehicles – in particular the Model 3," write Brian Johnson, analyst Brian Johnson in January.

The two delivery staff said that the 2018 sales price has left a list of Tesla's finishing cleaners of American customers who are willing to pay current prices of more than $ 40,000 to get their hand on Model 3.

Prime Minister Elon Musk first said in 2016 that his car would start at $ 35,000 – which brought forward shoes of cases – but Tesla still has to sell any cars at his / her. That price, despite two price cuts already this year.

"We sold through all our cars on the ground and we gave everything to the planet who had been trying to have Tesla ever in order to telling them that the tax credit was coming to an end, "said the other employee.

Tesla staff around the company re-registered to enter, said source.

"They said," Your work is currently out of the table, we need to deliver these cars. As if we do not get these cars delivered, you do not have work tomorrow, "said the previous employee.


At the Model 3 box in July 2017, Musk said more than half a million merchants had put money on his / her; new car. This helped to send Tesla up to 15 per cent over the next six weeks.

The company has 145,610 Model 3s in 2018, but all at prices over $ 35,000. Musk said he spent six months off the $ 35,000 version. can be sold well. Even with two cuts on prices this year, the lowest price bid on Model 3 is now $ 42,900.

Musk finds that Model 3 demand is "insanely high," but its company has not shown any figures for that.

Ask about the list of applications last week with inspections, Deepak Ahuja's Finance Finance Chief sent out; indicate the number of people left, saying it was not "appropriate."

Musk says that Tesla has many ways to request an application, if he or she can, as offers or support; marketing campaigns.

Model 3s now out of Tesla Fremont, California, has a factory that, going to Chinese and European merchants, says Tesla.

The two staff who labeled said delivery targets for North America – were made up of US customers – this quarter would be 55% to 60% of what they were in & # 39 the last quarter of 2018.

If Tesla does not change prices, it is dangerous to lose potential customers – and those who are already on their preservation list – to German and Asian competitors who will; hit the US market this year. Each of the first 200,000 people who purchase the entry will qualify for a full federal subsidy.

Having already met that number, US tax credits for Tesla customers will be able to; falling by half to $ 3,750 for the first six months of 2019, and dropped again in the second six months.

Musk last month said that he was "rough criterion"; that Tesla would start to & # 39; raising its Model 3 $ 35,000 in mid-2019.

One of the sources said that it could recall the US demand: "If there was a Model 3 for a $ 35,000 that was still a really good car, which is to be removed as In competition, I see a request going through the top. "

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