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This is the best way to date on Galaxy S10 that is available at Samsung

  • The device in the diagram above appears to be a picture Samsung of the upcoming Galaxy S10 In addition it was designed for the media.
  • If it is correct, the product will take away details of the Galaxy S10 Plus before the big event hit by Samsung on 20 February, where the company is expected to have a new Galaxy S mobile phones.
  • The result was found on the site 91 roof phones.

Here, it is usually: Samsung's Galaxy S10 Plus.

Samsung's high-profile image appears to have been designed for the media received by the 91 Telephone technology site.

If it is correct, the product does not add to the long list of videos about Samsung's Galaxy S10 Plus. If there is anything, it confirms some of the facts that are; There are already ultra-chamail bezels, an egg hole for selfie camera on the top right, two self-sufficiency cameras, three back-frames, and Samsung's switch to an in-display camera sensor South Westerly

Indeed, a finger is not visible on the front or back of the device in the picture above, and again recommends that the Galaxy S10 Plus sensor – at least – at the same time. In particular, there is a belief that Samsung is using ultrasonic technology for the generator sensor that; appearing in, which is expected to be better than the optional technology used in OnePlus 6T.

It is not clear what the lens will do in addition to the Galaxy S10 Plus. If new phones with three back lenses, such as the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and LG V40, are going on, we might expect a regular lens, zoom lens, and a huge lens.

In terms of the two self-contained cameras, we can also draw phones with similar self-contained phones, such as Pixel 3, that the second selfie device is like a large window camera.

Whether the product is leaked really or not, we have to wait to get the confirmation from Samsung itself. Samsung will host his non-packed event on 20 February, where we expect to showcase his latest Galaxy S phones.

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