Toyota doesn't say that anyone with a half-tonne bakkie is based in Yaris

Toyota isn't going to think anyone with a half-tonne bakkie in Yaris … t

In sea with the appearance of a carriage of Smith's Day tales (including our own), Toyota put our attention to our attention. Yes, the US army of the Japanese automaker sent out a press release (including the picture you can see above) that a half-tonne bicycle called Antar Yaris Adventure will be on show at the Auto International New York Exhibition.

Really honest in answer to a "question that no one asked" (although we are sure that there would not be enough of South Africans agreeing), the small bakkie who is believed to have been “part of a truck, part sedan, but 100% awful”, said the brandy.

The Toyota press release added that the Yaris Adventure (based on the US Yaris logic) would be run by a four-cylinder four-cylinder petrol engine, with a double-double double-entry in spring and spring. T . back arrangements.

With a tongue tightly in the cheek, Toyota asked that no warrant be offered for this lorry, as it would be unbelievable that something would go wrong.

It's all a shame that it can't do, but felt that it was true, considering the half-tonne section (if that is still possible) in South Africa. T and the only one is Nissan NP200.

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