Tracks and Star Footage / Film at Star Is Born Extended Cut

Star is born with early screenings

A Born Star Named for eight Oscars this weekend, but he was just walking away by a man for the best original song. However, performance "Shallow" Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga one of the biggest times of the night. Now, Warner Bros. Pictures devolve that wave with a long cut of the film being rolled out in theater with new pictures and new music.

Warner Bros. to take the A Born Star cutting with 1,150 screens across North America starting this Friday. The new film contains more lengthy displays of the "Black Eyes" opening song, as well as "Alibi" and the cappella competitive vision where Lady Gaga is a " Sing the Oscar song "Shallow".

In terms of new music, Lady Gaga's "Is That Alright" was a shot Repeat to the movie. But she is not the only one who gets a new song. A film by Bradley Cooper as Jackson Maine is "Singing" as part of A Born Star expanded cut too. In addition, a new song called "Clòbag", which was not included on the soundtrack of the film, will be included in the film.

This sneak peek of a single look that has been restored in the films of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper works on "Clover" at a concert level (through Entertainment Weekly):

All films and new music that have been added to the results of the films A Born Star Extended cut 12 minutes longer than the original drama version. Is that enough for fans to see the movie in the plays again? A Born Star was already available on home video and made nearly $ 219 million at the home box office. We will find out if fans can make the movie enough to get in to see a new cut of the movie on the weekend. Surely there will be plenty of Lady Gaga fans.

You'll see that this re-news is A Born Star it is not known as a cutting director, and it seems that Bradley Cooper who wanted everyone to get the final version we got in the original plays. But even so, a photography director Mata Libatique to describe her & # 39; This is a short cut when we heard about last year, and it seems that Cooper is likely to be involved in creating the new version of this film.

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