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Using limit dimensions for fuel furnace fuels

In the proportion of cooling proportions, the current heat is driven by energy through aggressive assessments of the appropriate fjψkig measurement base, without the performance of nutritional control. Solid arrows represent energy stream. Credit: Campisi et al.

Researchers at the University of Florence and Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi, san Eadailt, have recently confirmed that common prevalence intake is not always susceptible. In a study published in it Corporate Review Correspondence, they showed that this aggressive use can be used, and the use of common dimensions to fuel a cooling machine.

Michele Campisi, one of the researchers involved in the study, has been trying to investigate horrible mood for a number of years. In his recent work, he investigated at least if the philosophy of the nanoscopic device thermodynamics can affect the quantum computers, such as those employed in quantum computers.

"Most colleagues in the area looked at coherence and compassion while there was little to look at another one who was really True memory, even the big measurement process, "Campisi said to "These surveys suggest that you need to go back with back control, as they were in Maxwell's Devil, to make the most of their opportunities. I began to think about it, and eureka-because a quantum measure is very spectacular, and energy exchange with them is used to empower engineers without the need for control of feedback. "

The second law of thermodynamics says that naturally heat flows from hot groups to cold ones. Searches made have found that there are two ways to prevent this natural heat current: using work provided by an external driving force, who is responsible for time, or by & # 39; Maxwell's demonstration, which controls the heat through a control loop.

In their study, Campisi and its colleagues showed that, in real terms, the third way to turn the heat, which is based on quantum mechanics. This method involves the use of extremely intense dimensions as a fuel that is used; empowers him to resolve, without control. Researchers describe this device as a large measurement measure (QMC).

"It is a normal ordinary common memorandum in a general mathematics framework, but we needed to use a variety of advanced methods and analysis to investigate all genres of large quantities," said Lorenzo Buffoni, another researcher involved in the study, was to "For example, to assess the strength of probation sound, we used a large sample of measurement measurement measurements of Monte Carlo's advanced assessments, and use tools to use tools to analyze the data . "

Campisi and its colleagues were to show QMC with a two-stroke stroke two-step device. This engine interacts with the measuring tool that researchers earn, as well as two heat sources that have been set at different temperatures.

"We also started the activity to find its preferred thermodynamic performance, which was very challenging," said Andrea Sofanelli, another researcher who investigated , to "We were Birkhoff's theme employing the inclusion of the transition matrix called (including all relevant information about our energy exchange) in terms of licensing, The problem was simple, but we stayed there until we discovered a theory of algebraic line dating back to the early 1990's, which eventually brought about the final solution. "

Campisi, Buffoni, Cuccoli, Sleddelli and colleague Paola Verrucchi showed that aggregate quantities can be used to boil a cooling machine through the QMC branch that they have reported. QMC does not need control over feedback, but needs to be present in the measurement indicators.

Researchers found the probability that QMC will occur when the measurement base is randomly selected. They found that this look could be great compared to their likelihood to be & # 39; pull energy (even operating the heat machine), but it is less than the most important operation (eg heat delivery in both doors).

"Show that the quantum system can be done by two qubits individually (even without control over), the genomic effect of a genomic will definitely be useful to & # 39; represents a most important product of our research, "said Alessandro Cuccoli, another researcher involved in the study. "This continues to look at the quantitative measurement process from a broader perspective, where both the system and the environment are considered, and the Exchanges of energy that accompany the ".

According to Cuccoli, the two-quibit thermal engine that was developed by the researchers could easily be invented to work as a refrigerator. This would, among other things, allow access to quantum computer processing units to be integrated with support devices that keep them at the low level required as both can be achieved by & # 39; using qubits.

"Another visual idea is that a measurement process must be incorporated into uninhabited states, ie different related states of the two qubits, including inputs, such as "without" linking the link between information and energy exchange, "Cuccoli plus S" One of the biggest challenges that drives our current and future research in the quantum thermomynamics range "is to" Increasing our understanding of such relationships in quantum nanoscopic engines. "

The study carried out by Campisi, Buffoni, Cuccoli, Sleddelli and Verrucchi introduced a new device that can convert the natural heat to heat, and cooperate with the second thermodynamics law, without control requirements back. In the future, their decisions may have many of their bids, for example, to support the development of tools to cool quantum quantum computers.

The team of researchers involved in this survey is part of a collaborative partnership that includes 12 research bodies in the world, and # 39; including exams and theories from eight E.U. countries. They are currently searching for the resources necessary to support their work in the coming years.

"We are looking forward to cooperating with tested organizations who may have an interest in measuring large quantities," said Campisi. "Full understanding and mastering is needed on the eyes of quantum systems and large devices, and wants international cooperation to speed up technological development."

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