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Voluntary Heavy Picture Assist Keeping Spectators Safety through Space Missions

The team will be accompanied by eight ladies, and four female partners from the Empty Auto Attraction Study. The results can help by dealing with serious flooding that causes microgravity and other observers who have placed pressure on it have become involved in a room.
( ESA )

The body can be affected by a miniature in the place. For example, muscles and bones become weaker without gravity to work hard.

Mitigating the impact of Microgravity

Astronauts working on the International Space Station must take part in activities that could affect the pressure. Currently they make up to 2.5 hours a day and maintain a balanced diet to stay healthy.

Scientists, however, think there are more ways to help keep healthy astronauts healthy and one of these could use artificial remains in long-term space initiatives.

To see if this could be worked, the European Space Agency and NASA are funding research that can investigate how robot movement could help astronauts stay healthy in the area.

Bed Bed Removal Check

There will be eight ladies and four female partners taking part in the exams entitled the Free Ski Bed Band performed at the German Aerospace Center in Cologne, Germany.

The participants will be lying in bed at 60 days starting on 25 March. There is no seat and each participant is required to keep at least one shoulder at all times.

Bed heads are stripped of 6 levels below the horizontal line and so blood is removed from the participants' legs. The partners will also be regularly surrounded by a switch on to allow blood to return to their countries.

“As blood loses to their heads and muscles as a result of being badly used, researchers analyze changes and experimentation practices from ten to exercise,” said ESA in a statement. one of the methods involved in this spotlight and some participants will give the opportunity to spin. "

Dealing with Matters Arising with Conflict

During the course of the research, researchers will be looking at the cardio, metabolism, balance and muscle strength work, as well as the psychological achievements of the partners.

ESA researcher Jennifer Ngo-Anh said the survey could have important effects in the coming mission to the moon and beyond.

She said the results will help to tackle issues of serious violence caused by depression and other astronauts who will find weight, such as loneliness, cosmetic radiation, and spinal limitations.

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