African leaders will show a profile of the last Ethiopian emperor


Le Addis Getachew and Seleshi Tessema


African leaders in Ethiopia's capital added Addis Ababa for the 32th African Union Command of State and Government Headquarters on Sunday; Presentation of the final life profile of the last Emperor Aetòia Haile Selassie I, who was built on the site of an all-African body headquarters.

It is seen that Haile Selassie has a & # 39; first phase in the establishment of a African Union Union (AUU), which was the advance of the daily African Union, set up in 2005.

According to historical documents, in 1960 and 1961 – a time that marked the spread of many African countries from the cause of colloquia – African leaders were in a position; discuss what the Pan-Afrika body should have in the future.

Although many blocks were triggering several ideas on creating a & # 39; body, two of them stood: the Monrovia Group and the Casablanca Group.

The Casablanca Group – made up of Ghana, Mali, Guinea, the United Arab Republic, and the Algerian temporary government, led by Ghana's temporary president, Kwame Nkrumah – was launched in January 1961. Although some The group was also radical, even though it included the Morocco real estate. Casablanca group proposes a current union of African continent in the Sates Afrika Unified form.

Monrovia Group – made up of Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Togo, Costa Ivory, Camarùn, Senegal, Dahomey, Malagasy Republic, Chad, Upper Volta, Niger, Congo Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Somalia , and Tunisia – is set up on May. He likes to & # 39; This group is a continuous approach to union.

Haile Selassie's role is to bring these two groups together as one of his legacies.

In 1963 all the blocks were collected in the Afghan Hall in Addis Ababa, and after a tough debate, Monrovia's influence was ahead, and a African Union Union (OAU) came into existence.

Being a leader of a country that has never been done, and a country that influenced Italian colonies in the Battle of Adowa in 1886 against the opposition of a colony against Africa, he gave the emperor status that his & Like any other leader in Africa.

Haile Selassie was a leader of Ethiopia from 1930 to 1974, when he attacked armed forces called the Dergue that dropped.

Although the emperor died in jail – many think he had been murdered – although he was executed by Jamaic, who founded today's known quasi-religion as Rastafarianism.

– Rastafarian will speak

Sydney Bradon, 54, said: "I have been back again as an artist Jamaican Rastafarian reggae. I am living in Ethiopia, the land created and linked by Haile Selassie I, the living day, for the last seven years. "

"We are delighted to see Rastafarians because Africa has been a major contributor to the people who have been excluded in Africa, Jamaica and around the world to the Emperor Haile Selassie. We have all been looking forward to today for a long time.

"The memorial is the united power confirmation of Emperor Haile Selassie, who has no boundaries.

"It's currently a time for Ethiopia and Ethiopia to affect Haile Selassie. We would like to come here and we hope it will happen."

– Look strange

The Prince Beedemariam Makonnen, grandson of Haile Selassie, told the Anadolu Group that the royal family is full of joy and many of the members who live abroad have become part of the great event.

"It's far beyond the words, we're very happy," he said. "In our view, the monument shows that Emperor Haile Selassie is a cornerstone of the African Afghan Group, which has now entered the AU.

"It is also a long-term African-based recognition of the wisdom and diplomatic skills of Emperor Haile Selassie and those who came together to create a station to combat the battle against & # 39; colony.

"The erection of the image for years has been delayed due to a variety of reasons, and we were confident that this would come when a positive leader in Ethiopia took place. It happened and is a cause for national recognition."

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