After 10 days, the beautiful 19-year-old woman who keeps the money to escape home is not home


Around 10 days after the money was given to mark the wedding day, relatives and local authorities still have no information about the breeding L.T.A. The case caused the wedding family to go to; to delete, to state that it has been & # 39; banished out.

Recently, the girl attended the L.T.A. (SN 1999, who lives in Na Tong commune, Dien Bien district, Dien Bien province) has said that he has put "big money" to escape on the wedding day, causing stir. We know that Nguyen Van T. (23 years old, who lives in Tuc Tranh lives in the Phu Luong area, Naiyen Thai department) just after he stated that his wedding was suspended. The event also caused his family to be very cold, bidding requests for marriage money.

In connection with this event, on November 18, Tongan's headquarters committee said it's up to 10 days, Miss A. has not returned to The house is still, the local authorities do not know about the wedding. Here. The committee's directors, after the event, two married women and a wedding party came to their own solution.

Photographs of the day-to-day couple celebrating the festival.Photographs of the day-to-day couple celebrating the festival.

Previously, Mr T.'s family went to L.T.A. He asked a marriage and her parents A. to challenge the sum of 17 million. Then T.'s mother gave the money to her mother A. Around 17 million, even 2 families have finished the service.

On 8 November, when the family T. informed that A. fled home, the family could not contact. According to information, A. gave 9 million money to mark her parents' marriage.

The chief of the Tong Commune people's committee, on November 8, told the Police of Tan Tan a report from Mr T.'s family who said that the bride was to receive money before the marriage ceremony.

Photo of marriage.Photo of marriage.

Previously, the local authorities did not know the case, they did not; These police or police associations got these information to complete the marriage registration procedures. The two families agreed to pay the money for arranging their wedding and kept a dinner, finishing home neighbors.

On November 7, the bride and bride's wife went to a wedding at the wedding house, A. the bridegroom went to work far away and rarely return home. The family of the wall to the local marriage agency did not report to the communion, until November 8, the woman was told to be the bride; accept the marriage service to escape.

On the afternoon of November 7, after a food and drink study, Mrs. A. said that his mother was mocked in Muong Loi, the Dien Bien area has lost. This is between 7-8 years ago. Next morning the family did not see the family, the phone can not contact the family to tell the police.

Through learning, the LA family The situation is very bad when her mother died, two brothers were arrested in 2015 related to drug trafficking. They are still attending their sentences at the maintenance center. The sister of a river A. was ill, unemployed, and this man also had many women.

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