After 11 years of cultivation, Cong Phuong thrown the way to save Huong Melaleuca!


Cong Phuong "Cong Phan" Cong Phuong after he was able to get his / her; Opening game in the 11th minute instant. The singer with a lot of songs said the interest they had for the rank of status:Cong Phượng & Oh Cong Phuong; there"Completed at that time quickly" a & # 39; pushing a "boat" for both at home. If this happens, this is the rain rain showbiz in Vietnam.

The HAGL club leader showed that "Cong Phuong" was attacking her & her; 11th anniversary to reduce Malalais with a comic strip of Phoenix.

Minh Vuong also named mid-media on the story: "Vietnam will strive" At home to look at her & # 39; game between Vietnam and vs Malaysia through the small screen. Although taken from the list of 23 players, Minh Vuong is always looking and watching. Supporting all relationships that appear by Dong.

The Vietnam football show by Le Cong Vinh added to the brazilian defender, Roberto Carlos. Mr Thuy Tien sent a congratulations to him. The Cup AFF 2008 hero is Le Cong Vinh after having his / her history history The last minute match of the game in Thailand that was completed in My Dinh fire.

Ciem Xuan Tu may have been the most challenging AFF Cup this year although there are V.league 2018. Excellent shows, however, the player is still coming to My Dinh stadium to Continue and support the team. Xuan Tu is pleased to win with the status line: "I have never had to be close to the players."

Huyen Mi is a hard server of Vietnam's football, although she has a lot of work but spent some time to play the team. Huyen Mi spoke today and a yellow star was a red flag with the family.

Go to the stadium which shows that players can not play a beautiful lover of the players. In addition to the joy of many people, Thuy Duong – Huy Hung's sweetheart, corresponds to his sweetheart when he is not in the game: "Good deal. It's time."

There is also a beautiful girl Nguyen Quynh Anh – hot boy Do Duy Manh. It was so tall in the venues, but the camera often caught its interesting moments.

Careful Childcare Duong Thuy Phuong – a watchwoman that Que Ngoc Hai does not come to court should go to court; promised her husband. So, she had to stay at home to watch over the small screen with her & # 39; her children.

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