After 2018 we have several famous scandals: feet, jigs, walks and expressing


Year in 2018 where it was scandals In the show they did not wait. When you stock stock of the year, remember the beautiful fingers, but also the ones that left us unhappy, because they created a lot of bad feelings: a & # 39; crying, anger, corruption, grief, among others. In addition, in many cases the programs were related to complex themes.

The twelve months have been marked by the relationship with some famously exiled people, let's look at what has happened and these outcomes:

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The complaint about breaking Thelma Fardin against Juan Darths

At a news conference with the Argentine Actrices together, Fardin said he was accused by Darths on a trip about Nicaragua by Patito Feo, when she was only 16 years old.

"He asked me to talk to him (the penalty) and then I threw myself in bed, I ran the shorcito and started to use oral genre, I said," said the lady. a young actor and then added to "go in" The actor's reimbursement was quite widespread: he was abolished from the Argentine actors' Association and his tango shows were suspended, among other signs lack.

The charges about Natacha Jaitt at the Mirtha Legrand record

In the context of finding a network of children's prostitution in the lower departments of Independiente, Natacha Jaitt was invited to the night of Mirtha. The media, without being under the control of the hostel, mentioned seven famous people, according to all, involved in the network.

It was only Natacha that the rubbish was only attacking Mirtha Legrand to allow her to give her the names. As well as having many people criticized in the & # 39; In the middle, the public took care of the case, because there were tightening marks.

Fury of Laurita with a picture of Flor Vigna and Cabr in the bed

Flor Vigna and Nicols Cabr are two of the most important people in my brother. With his / her idea; Focusing on the fiction, and the audience's numbers are not so good, his actress published his character's description in the bed that included the actor.

Then, his actress released the announcement and confirmed that she did so because she did, ask Laurita Fernndez to take her out. Thereafter, a tour that will be completed with a cross in Showmatch will be created.

Cacho Castaa's embarrassing sentence about a breakdown

In an interview, Cacho Castaa was asked about a woman's role today and the singer finished his argument with a mischievous phrase: If the fight is unavoidable, relax and relax.

Although he wanted to prove that it was a previous sentence, the remainder was complete. Thereafter, there were allegations of sexual harassment and he had to stop showcases. However, he returned to his political statements: I am angry that the mines are fighting. The mines need to be turned.

A strong fight on Morena and Jorge Rial

On May 15, Morena Rial surprised everyone when she started social careers to do so by damaging her father: if they knew the truth, there would be a lot of mistakes. ; kept silent and fell on him. I do not have money to make more people, but it seems that's another! He does not love his cat, but then he is also paid.

The driver does not respond, but expanded private records: They ate your head but this is over. I get sick of life. I'm sorry. Everyone will go to hell. There will be no one left. Children of a thousand. Other reasons included this to take four months of license in the Intruders. At this time, the water appears to be slower, like to # 39; Promoting greater progress.

Pampita's fastest pace from the program itself

On Monday, April 16, the hostess was to ride Pampita Online on Telefe. That evening, he was the hospitality of his sweetheart Pico Mnaco, who he made to go to; crying. From there, he never found his style of style and his population, and trying different sections and a lively sense of concern, as Jey Mammon complained to the air about the little place they gave him after inviting him.

The program finished on that channel on July 10 but with Claudia Fontn's drive, due to & # 39; After leaving the tour model to make a trip. Pampita's responses were when the papers had been consulted on the events that were not always as good as you can see in the following video.

The Nicols Repetto's campaigns to the air in the news

A year of Repetto had questions and unfortunately as a director of The News of the People. On 28 February, I asked a woman who had two harassment in a few minutes as she was decorated. It is a question: men will Find out how they want the street and do not worry. We do not tell them anything or try to commit crime or their relationship, the woman replied to astonishment.

Then, he stopped the case of a priest who broke a woman. On November 9, I asked a woman who had a cell phone to be stolen if she was a kidnapper. To finish the year, I'm querying why Thelma Fardin took so long to cite Juan Darths as a harassment.

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