After a child who is still alive, she encourages women to listen to their bodies


Strong leadership, the sadness, the tension that is rising is high and low down very low … For a pregnant woman, these are the symptoms of concern. That's the case Kristy Wastonlong and it was 26 weeks heavy. This 20-year-old Australian mother is going to see his doctor several times without further investigation, telling her she is Feel typical signs are heavy and she should not worry about it …

It is proven that his situation is very bad, with Kristy Watson, who is pregnant with a wonderful baby after having three anxieties. She will still go to the maternity ward regularly and even even a And trying to get a second idea in another hospital. Have the same answer always, she says CafeMom. But she was right to be worried because she was suffering Preeclampsia, a problem of some pregnant women, which is characterized by a high degree of protein in the sound and adverse effects, and potentially adverse effects, both for the future baby and his mother. Unfortunately, in her case, she was shown to be too late.

At 32 weeks pregnant with a baby, she goes back to her geologist for the same indications. The medical teams tell her that she can get an apron, but she needs to wait because the doctor is busy. "I was feeling they thought I was just complaining about my injury, but I really knew something was wrong", she remembers. A few hours later, it will be sent home, without being able to make the pronunciation, a & # 39; giving her clothes for her migration. "Three days ago; there before I noticed my movement move for the last trip. Three days before telling me that I had a bad pre-eclampsia and my baby's heart was no longer hitting. Three days before I start to start twelve before I put my last dead son. If not, they have not done the ultrasound on that day to find out there was a problem with my goal. If they have not produced a blood test to recognize the politics & he was at this stage. It may have changed things, but the thing is, I never know. "says Kristy Watson.

The young woman decided to talk about Facebook and the media to tell her a story. "I do not want to play a game, but to be neglected and abandoned by those who gave me the life I was creating in the hands, not something I did; desires the worst enemy. I want to draw attention so that no mother, no family should be living on her; This pain, broken heart, and knowing how to lose I should live "she says. After a baby born, and named Kaycen on 26 July 2018, she took her long weeks for her body to recover from pre-eclampsia, since she died, as well as her & # 39; crying. In addition, women and mothers enjoy the future to listen to their minds.

For this, she adds a heart attack: "I want people to know my story, tell them when the raffle tells them that something is wrong, they have to fight for answers, go back and forth to know what going on, to make sure they are heard, now I need to go home full of everything my little boy wants to pick up, a vacuum ridge where not My son was never able to lie down, books that I could never read, clothes that I could not be hanging, because I did not listen to them, Now I'm going home home empty, broken heart so it will take a lot of time to cure it. Behold, listen to your bodies".

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