After a great loss of Holm: – We have more than ourselves


ASKER: – We have more on our own now and to deliver good shows to the playoffs. Only the fight against Vålerenga, we did not play well to be deserving of winning in the past, says Henrik Holm was very sad after him miss Frisk Asker.

There were good expectations in Stavanger after Oilers, in a remarkable way, turned to the Vålerenga defeat. But you've got to play your self-esteem, however, from the great defeat against Frisk Asker.

New Oilearan on the cut: – We looked like a young team

Now, Holm believes that Vålerenga is very difficult to capture now seven points ahead of where they believe at the top of his; board.

– The most important thing, Vålerenga will bring the points up. And they have looked very strong. On behalf of it, it is about performing and being ready for a battle when it is; fight. Then we'll just find out how interesting & # 39; he is getting out of.

Any damage without an excuse

Students have the latest battles without Brandon Burlon, Phil Lane and David Moerly. In addition, Peter Lorentzen was ill against Frisk Asker.

– They are clear that they are important, they will be introduced to do it. At the same time, we can not blame it. We have extensive herring with lots of good players who have won earlier games. So, it is not a useful thing to feel sorry for you because two men are out, when we are at the moment; attacking a degree, even in Stockholm.

Oilers record Dennis Sveum with a stick to Vålerenga: – We're a better team

In terms of the wounded players, it is important to submit patience. The Todd Bjorkstrand trainer does not think when they are back.

– I do not know anyway. I get information when the team knows something, but so far we do not know when he can play again.

So, there are many who suggest that Oilers need to be able to; ruled without some of the most important men against Sparta while they are meet in Sarpsborg on Thursday afternoon.

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