After admitting, Valeria Mazza was out to defend her husband


The model showed last week that her husband, Alejandro Gravier, asked all those who were pregnant with her. return to weight.

Buenos Aires Valeria Mazza surprised everyone to show her husband Alejandro Gravier asked her to lose weight.

"I put my pictures. Damne, damn!", Explain the model of her husband, and remove the position at Mirtha Legrand.

His statements were noticed and he created a scannal, as far as many media have been identified as Gravier as a "tyrant". Viewing & # 39; to complete a dispute, her husband Mazza protected in PH: We can Tallar. "I was laughing like it was very similar. But then it appeared in the media & Tyrant Gravier and it's not like that in any way … I enjoyed it Much on my deputies, I got 20 kilometers per grain. I did not work hard. Then I would work well, "he said.


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