After another regional welcome, Nitra was looking forward


The balanced game was decided for the third-third guests.


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MHC Nove Zamek – HK Nitra 2: 4 (2: 1, 0: 1, 0: 2)

In the first second, the dangerous trma-vrma before Šimboho was not yet a # 39; came to an end, but at the beginning of the three minutes the locks were entered into the leadership, when the screwdriver left the Bytek. Nitra did not appear his first task to 7 minutes but it was very dangerous and the Košarist had to show his art. In 14 minutes, Nitra equated the game when Scheidlova attacked the net. Even the third game of the game was born in imbalance. The play was played by Novozamčani and the Novák backup from the back of the backpack was rapidly used by Rogoň.

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The second at a speed began even higher than the first one. The home team had enough opportunities in the first half to get stronger leadership, or to decide on the game but they did not use them. It was 29 minutes, when Lantoshi ran through the blue strike and started to go back. In the middle of a game, Novozámčania suffered a 5-minute weakness when Zbořil was killed, who had to be away from ice early.

In third, he was about who could break the dominance on the side. Nitrania was more beneficial, taking advantage of the puck that was going on; appearing from the backboard. The fortunate owner of Kerbashian. Residents had enough time to solve. At the end, they tried to play power, but Rapac closed the meeting's account in an empty gate.

Aims and Support: 3.Bajtek (Baile-mòr), 17. Rogoň (Novak, Jurík) – 14.Scheidl (McCormack, Kerbashian), 29.Lantos (Mezei, McCormack), 52. Kerbashian (Morrison, Majdan), Bortňák ). They decided: Jonák, Lokšík – Tvrdoň, Synek. Eislaintean: 3: 4 for 2 minutes, Sackcock (Nitra) 10 min. dangerous game, Zbořil (MHC) 5 + 20min. striking flat. There will be power to play: 2: 1. Defeats: 0: 0. Spectators: 1763. Views at the gateway: 24:40.

MHC: Kostarišan – Kudla, Andersons, Štrauch, Urban, Bajtek – Henderson, Hain, Jurík, Zbořil, Rogoň – Novák, Ordzovský, Nejezchleb, Jakubek, Linet – Hatal, Buc, Slávik, Fábry, Ondrušek.

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