After Big Air, they stopped the finals of the way: Medle in comparison with good results


Klaudia Medlová
Klaudia Medlová

PARK CITY – Klaudia Medlová's classic star occupies the seventh place in style in the US City Park in the US City Park, Last Sunday on bad weather. Medl, who is sixty years old, after destroying Big Air, which was not held in the middle of the week for a snow storm, had made a good result in the second favorite style controller.

In his first Saturday classification, she was back in mind when she received a signal of 36.00 from the judges. The second trip was much better, with a score of 78.50 in the competition of 27 campaigns. The best performance was achieved by Novozélanďanka Zoi Sadowská Synnottová (91,75), who won the most valuable metal.

The boundaries serving a seven-year female for the weather were restored several times from the original time of 19.00 CET. Given that the situation was not on the way better, the judges stopped their competition and came as an official result.

"Klaudia completed the seventh, and this is a good result in a competition in Park City, but in any case, it is very difficult that the appropriate situation can not be was developed in the final, but the weather was not as big as Big Air. I think Klaudia was going to fight for her "," Marek Hliničan, Chairman of the Department of Snoubording of the Slovak Group of Societies (SLA).

Results – slopestyle:
women: 1. Zoi Sadowská Synnottová (N. Zél.) 91,75, 2. Silje Norendalová (NOR) 88,75, 3. Jamie Andersonová (na SA) 87,25, 4. Cheryl Maasová (Hol.) 84,25, 5. Reira Iwabučiova (Japan) 82.75, 6. Jasmine Bairdová (Canada) 82.50, 7. Klaudia MEDLOVÁ (SR) 78.50, 8. Brooke Voigtová (CAN) 78.25

men: 1. Chris Corning (SA) 93.25, 2. Mark McMorris (Canada) 93.00, 3. Judd Henkes (SA) 90.50, 4. Hiroaki Kunitake (Jap.) 89.75 5. Takeru Ocuka (Japan) 89.50, 6. Niek van der Velden (NL) 87.50, 7. Mons Roisland (NOR) 83.75 8. Sebbe de Buck (A & # 39; Belgium) 82.50

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